TalkEsport Raises $1M in Pre-Series A Round

TalkEsport Raises $1M in Pre-Series A Round

TalkEsport announced the successful closure of its pre-series A funding round, securing a significant investment of $1 million from Saswat Ventures. The substantial investment underscores TalkEsport’s robust growth trajectory and reaffirms its position as a pioneering force in the esports industry.

Founded in 2011, TalkEsport was set up with a vision to bring timely news and updates to gaming communities worldwide. As India’s oldest esports media platform, the company now caters to millions of gamers worldwide through its website and social media channels. TalkEsport plans to utilize the investment to scale up its core website while launching a highly interactive application for its audience and setting up a state-of-the-art production studio in Mumbai. Through it, the company will be launching exclusive content IPs focused on gaming and esports. 

"We are delighted to welcome Saswat Ventures as our strategic partner," exclaimed Deepak Ojha, Founder and CEO of TalkEsport. "Their belief in our vision and commitment to the esports ecosystem align seamlessly with our mission to redefine gaming experiences globally. With this investment, we will be scaling up our newsroom to cater to gaming communities worldwide while launching new content IPs targeted towards Indian and international audiences."

Saswat Ventures, a family fund set up by Mr. BL Sharma, Principal, shares a vision of catapulting TalkEsport into a global phenomenon. Mr. Sharma has businesses across the country and expressed his confidence in TalkEsport's potential to revolutionize esports media and connect with a vast audience of passionate gamers worldwide, "We believe in TalkEsport's potential to become a global platform for esports enthusiasts worldwide."

Trilochan Sharma, a seasoned expert in compliance matters, joins TalkEsport's board as the Director of Compliance. His wealth of experience will ensure adherence to regulatory standards and bolster the company's governance framework.

In addition to this pivotal investment, TalkEsport is proud to announce key developments that highlight its commitment to innovation and growth:

Production Studio in Mumbai

TalkEsport is excited to unveil its state-of-the-art production studio in Mumbai. This cutting-edge facility will serve as the epicenter for creating high-quality esports content, launching content IPs, live broadcasts, interviews, and immersive gaming experiences.

Pranav Nalawade, the Editor-in-chief of TalkEsport, said, “Our new era of esports coverage will begin not only with TalkEsport’s revolutionary approach in publishing news and covering esports events but also high-quality esports content courtesy of our new production studio. As one of the oldest esports media platforms, we have built an audience that relies on us for our history of trustworthy and reliable news. Now, we want to double up on this audience, reforming the way content around esports is consumed in India and abroad through podcasts, media, short-form content, and analytical stories – both in the form of video and text.”

Upcoming Mobile App Launch

Furthermore, TalkEsport is gearing up for the launch of its mobile application soon. This innovative app promises to redefine how gamers access news, engage with esports communities, and participate in live tournaments, all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

"Proceeds of the $1 million will be utilized in creating a robust team of gaming enthusiasts and expanding our global reach," added Deepak. "This investment not only propels TalkEsport's growth initiatives but also fuels our mission to provide unparalleled experiences for esports enthusiasts worldwide."

Through its application, esports viewers will be able to get live coverage of esports tournaments, scores, and interviews. Additionally, they will be able to participate in community tournaments, thus providing an end-to-end immersive experience from the convenience of their mobile devices. 

The media company continues to lead the charge in transforming the esports landscape, fostering community engagement, and pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation. The company's dedication to excellence, coupled with strategic partnerships and visionary leadership, sets the stage for an exciting chapter in esports media.

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