Realm of Ink to Unveil Updated Demo at Steam Next Fest

Realm of Ink to Unveil Updated Demo at Steam Next Fest

Indie publisher 663 Games is thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated new action roguelite Realm of Ink will be participating in the upcoming Steam Next Fest with an updated playable demo as well as an exclusive developer Broadcast of the game with Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio. 

Realm of Ink is an Ink-style action roguelite game beautifully brought to life with a distinctive mix of 2.5D Chinese-style ink painting and modern art direction, along with a rich combat system using multiple playable characters. Its deep and intriguing story discusses the philosophical significance of life as well as the beliefs of nihilism and existentialism.

The development teams have been listening to the community feedback and have been polishing and enhancing the Steam Next Fest Realm of Ink playable demo. As well as many quality-of-life updates, the new demo will include: 

Two Difficulty Levels: Responding to player feedback regarding the relatively low difficulty of the previous demo, the developers have made adjustments to address this for this new demo. The updated demo now offers two difficulty modes, allowing players to choose their preferred level of challenge from the beginning.

Meta Progression: Unlike the previous demo, which focused mainly on the build, the new version introduces meta progression. It significantly enhances the replayability, offering players a new dimension to explore and strategize.

Higher-tier Ink Gems: In the previous demo, the team unlocked the second-tier form of Ink Gems, allowing players to get a glimpse of its core mechanism. In this update, they have unveiled some third-tier forms, enabling players to experience enhanced damage dealing and more dazzling visual effects. Higher-tier Ink Gems can be obtained after completing Act 1. 

Serving as the core gameplay mechanism for players to forge their unique combat styles, Ink Gems offer flexible combinations that provide substantial alternatives for skill sets and combat genres.

Higher-tier Pets: The most profound impression from the community and players was for the Ink Pet System. The previous demo only provided companionship and autonomous attacks for the pets. However, in the new demo, the advanced forms of Ink Pets will allow players to actively unleash their ultimate skills, dealing powerful additional damage and visually stunning effects. This can further enhance the presence and value of pets. The Ink Pet System stands out as another significant innovation that sets Realm of Ink apart from other traditional Roguelite action games. Higher-tier Ink Pets can be obtained after completing Act 1. 

Brand New Maps: The distinctive art style has become a recognized feature and strength of Realm of Ink. For the Steam Next Fest demo, the team will unveil portions of the map from Act 2, which will showcase even more remarkable artistic characteristics. Additionally, to make the demo more engaging, it will include a special gameplay experience in Act 2 – an endless monster spawning mode!

As well as the updated playable demo, the teams at Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio will be hosting the first-ever developer Broadcast on the Steam page. Fans can tune in and watch the team walk through the brand-new demo of Realm of Ink, and they will pop into the chat to answer some questions throughout the event. The Broadcast will be running continuously throughout the event.  

The updated Realm of Ink demo will be available to download from Steam on February 5th from February 12th