Prime Minister Modi Engages with Leading Indian Gaming Influencers

Prime Minister Modi Engages with Leading Indian Gaming Influencers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently engaged in a lively discussion with some of India's most prominent gamers to delve into the future of gaming in the country. The meeting, attended by renowned gamers Animesh Agrawal, Naman Mathur, Mithilesh Patankar, Payal Dhare, Tirth Mehta, Ganesh Gangadhar, and Anshu Bisht, showcased the prime minister's keen interest in the gaming world and his commitment to understanding its challenges and opportunities.

PM Modi shared a video teaser on his official YouTube channel, offering a glimpse into his engaging meet-up with gamers. The teaser provides a sneak peek into the interactive session, highlighting the Prime Minister's interest in gaming and his interaction with gamers.

They talked about how gaming is growing in India and how there are so many cool new ideas coming up. They also talked about games based on Indian stories and how important it is for the government to appreciate the cool stuff Indian game makers are doing.

Payal Dhare, the only girl gamer there, felt really proud and thanked the prime minister on Instagram for listening to them and for wanting to make sure everyone feels included in gaming.

Animesh Agrawal was really happy to be part of such a big moment and said there's a video coming soon where they'll talk more about their chat with PM Modi.

Naman Mathur thought PM Modi has a really good idea about where gaming is going in India and thinks there's going to be some big changes soon.

PM Modi also asked them about things like if gaming is like gambling, if people get too addicted to games, and how to get more girls into gaming. This showed that he really understands what's going on in the world of gaming in India.

After the chat, PM Modi tried out a bunch of games on different devices like computers, game consoles, phones, and virtual reality, showing how much he loves gaming too.

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