Nodwin Gaming Invests Eur 8 Mn in Freaks 4U Gaming

Nodwin Gaming Invests Eur 8 Mn in Freaks 4U Gaming

NODWIN Gaming announced an investment of Eur 8 million in Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH, a global full-service gaming and esports company, marking a significant financial endorsement in the global gaming industry.

With its convertible loan agreement of 3.6 million Euro initiated on December 27, 2023 now converted into equity, NODWIN has acquired additional shares of Freaks 4U Gaming with a contribution of 4.4 million Euro. The total investment of NODWIN in Freaks 4U Gaming stands at 8 million Euro for a 13.51% stake in the company. NODWIN also has the option to acquire majority control in the future by swapping equity of Freaks 4U Gaming investors and founders with NODWIN shares.

As part of this agreement, NODWIN and Freaks 4U Gaming will exclusively start utilizing resources in each other’s key territories such as personnel, equipment and facilities. NODWIN will get access to the Freaks 4U Gaming network across the developed markets, the PC ecosystem and the full-service capabilities they have. Freaks 4U Gaming in turn will get access to NODWIN ’s emerging market network, facility capabilities in the mobile esports and youth culture ecosystems. NODWIN will appoint Niels Wolter to the Freaks 4U Gaming advisory board to consult on strategy, operations and integration, ensuring the synergy benefits identified by NODWIN and Freaks 4U Gaming are realized in a timely manner.

Michael Haenisch, CEO of Freaks 4U Gaming, commented: “Under Akshat’s leadership, NODWIN has become a force to be reckoned with in the emerging market and the global landscape of gaming and esports. I am excited to be working alongside Akshat and his team, as we further our discussions on how Freaks and NODWIN will collaborate and grow together in this strategic alliance.”

Akshat Rathee, co-founder of NODWIN Gaming, commented: “Our collaborative journey with Freaks is growing stronger, especially in the realms of PC and mobile gaming. We hold continuous admiration for the team at Freaks as we jointly explore new avenues for cooperation. This financial contribution is a testament to our unwavering commitment to advancing together on this shared venture.”