KRAFTON India Launches 'BGMI Ki Boli' Campaign

KRAFTON India Launches 'BGMI Ki Boli' Campaign

KRAFTON India has launched 'BGMI Ki Boli,' an exciting campaign that celebrates the remarkable linguistic diversity within the BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA) community. With a staggering 40 million players hailing from various dialects, regions, and communities, BGMI has evolved into a vibrant hub where a unique language, lovingly referred to as 'BGMI Ki Boli,' has organically taken root, uniting gamers in a rich cultural tapestry.

“This campaign is a homage to our BGMI community and the thrilling universe of BGMI. It celebrates the extraordinary connection within our diverse gaming community and the unique dialect that has sprung from it,” said Srinjoy Das, Associate Director of Marketing, KRAFTON India. “We are excited to present ‘BGMI Ki Boli,’ a testament to the harmony between our BGMI community and the unique vernacular that has originated from it. Stay tuned as we unveil an engaging community event for the fans.”

As the BGMI community continues to flourish, the in-game expressions have naturally adapted to India's vast linguistic landscape, culminating in 'A New Boli.' This unofficial language, now widely recognized, symbolizes the strong bond formed within the BGMI community. Popular BGMI phrases such as 'Aana Pure,' 'Patt se Headshot,' 'Masla ho gaya ji,' & 'Ridge pe banda' have become as widely recognized as viral film dialogues.

The campaign film melds advanced filming techniques with VFX and AI-generated sequences, creating a seamless fusion of reality and the virtual world—a true testament to the immersive nature of the gaming universe. It goes beyond mere commemoration, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among gamers hailing from varied backgrounds. This initiative is set to mark a significant milestone in the gaming sphere, proving that India’s diversity transcends even the boundaries of the virtual realm. It’s a powerful demonstration that in the world of BGMI, diversity is not just acknowledged, but celebrated.

To commemorate BGMI Ki Boli, KRAFTON will host an engaging community event. For more information, stay tuned to KRAFTON’s social media channels.