Esportz Awarded as Best Esports Company

Esportz Awarded as Best Esports Company

Esportz has been awarded the title of 'Best Esports Company in Mumbai.’ The awards ceremony took place on June 15, 2024, at the luxurious Hotel Sahara Star.

The Mumbai Achievers Awards, now in its seventh year, celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of newsmakers and achievers across various sectors, including Corporate, Entertainment, Media, Fashion, Infrastructure, Creative, Sports, Hospitality, Retail, Social Welfare, Professional, and Administrative Services. This year's event highlighted those who have made significant impacts in their respective fields, and Esportz stood out in the sports category for its significant contribution to gaming and esports through its innovative intellectual properties (IPs).

Esportz has developed a range of IPs that are transforming the gaming and esports landscape in India, including:

Esportz Premier Series: An open-for-all, yearlong esports championship currently in its fourth edition, providing a platform for grassroots gamers to showcase their skills and rub shoulders with the pros.

Esportz Arena: A unique fusion of music and gaming, featuring concerts alongside state-of-the-art gaming setups, including the latest consoles, VR experiences, and Sim Racing rigs.

Esportz Campus Tour: Revolutionizing college festivals by integrating competitive esports setups, discovering, and nurturing the next generation of collegiate esports stars.

Esportz Invitational Series: An exclusive, invite-only competition where top players and teams compete for significant prizes and the title of the best in the field.

"Esportz is committed to driving the growth of esports in India through our innovative platforms and events. Our recognition as the Best Esports Company in Mumbai is a testament to our team's hard work and our community's support. We believe that by creating these unique experiences and opportunities, we are not only elevating the standards of esports in India but also providing a solid foundation for future talents to emerge and thrive," said Santosh Smith - Director of Capital Group.

Looking ahead, Esportz will continue to cater to the gaming community and uplift esports in the country through its groundbreaking IPs. One of the highly anticipated upcoming events is India’s First ‘Esportz Endurance Race.

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