Team Mortal wins THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown 2024

Team Mortal wins THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown 2024

Skyesports wrapped up THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown, India’s first-ever LAN for the exciting FPS shooter in Chennai. Twenty of the country’s top creators made their way to the city to fight for the prestigious trophy. 

Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports, said, “THE FINALS Esports Revolution Showdown at our HQ in Chennai was a resounding success, picking up more than 225,000 viewers so far – a testament to Skyesports’ distribution channels and power of the gaming creators. We are thrilled to be the official India partners for THE FINALS, and the engagement to the first esports showdown for the game has showcased its potential to penetrate the Indian gaming market.”

The 20 creators were split into four squads, with each team headlined by some renowned names in India’s gaming and esports industry. This included Mortal, Scout, Binks, and Sentinel. After an intense double-elimination bracket, Team Scout and Team Mortal were the only two squads remaining to fight for the trophy. 

Team Scout, making their way through the upper bracket were the favorites, but Mortal’s team, including himself, Red Parasite, Dolly Plays, Pashu, and Pingu, were quick to improvise to deny Scout the trophy. 

Commenting in a post-match interview, Naman “Mortal” Mathur, said, “I am feeling thrilled, especially with the team. I didn't know what my team’s capabilities were until we got here. We sat here and learned – improvised on our mistakes and here we are.”

THE FINALS, an exciting FPS title, is positioning itself as the newest alternative for India’s fast-growing gaming industry. With a destructible and highly-interactive environment, the fast-paced title makes for an exciting game and viewable esports title.

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