Revenant Esports Adds New Signings to VALORANT Roster

Revenant Esports Adds New Signings to VALORANT Roster

Revenant Esports further announced two signings to its VALORANT roster ahead of the 2024 esports season. The organization has secured the signings of seasoned player Jayanth “skillZ” Ramesh and emerging star Prish “Tricky” Valvani, strategically bolstering its already formidable lineup.

Skillz is among the most experienced players Indian VALORANT has to offer. His rise to fame came with Global Esports as he formed the core team for the organization prior to their rise to the VALORANT Partnership Program in the VCT Pacific. Following a brief sabbatical in 2023, Skillz made a resounding comeback in December 2022 at the VALORANT Convergence 2023 in Bangalore, securing an impressive third to fourth-place finish.

Expressing his excitement about competing at the top of VALORANT esports once again, Skillz said, “It feels really exciting because it's been a long time since I've played and with different teammates as well, so I can't wait for the journey. My expectations are simple, like always, to win it all. Currently, with our two international imports, we are prioritizing effective communication and synergy in the team so we know we have our backs inside the game. Communication is not saying what's on your mind, it's also about ensuring others hear what we mean.”

Tricky, on the other hand, is a rising young blood in VALORANT esports. He played a crucial role in the VALORANT Challengers 2023 Open Qualifier, ensuring Medal Esports made it to the Main Event. Now, the player has signed on with Revenant Esports and will have a chance to showcase his prowess amongst a very talented and experienced team. The signing comes as a no-brainer for Revenant Esports, an organization that believes in identifying young stars and helping them reach their full potential. 

Commenting on joining Revenant Esports, Tricky said, “I am beyond excited to be competing at the top of VALORANT esports with Revenant Esports. It's been a long and painful journey to get here and I am only looking to improve from here with my talented teammates. With no pain, there is no growth. With no growth , there is no purpose.”

The announcement of Skillz and Tricky follows Revenant Esports' earlier revelation of signing Paradox, complemented by two international imports, Severine and Dos9. The Revenant Esports VALORANT team is gearing up for action at the upcoming VALORANT Challengers South Asia, scheduled to kick off next month.