Haider Madraswala Won EndBoss Special Edition Tournament

Haider Madraswala Won EndBoss Special Edition Tournament

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Haider Madraswala has solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with by achieving a remarkable victory at the renowned EndBoss Special Edition 2023 tournament. Organized by PokerBaazi, Haider secured the first position and won a prize pool of INR 68 Lakhs.

Hailing from Faridabad, Haider’s journey into the world of poker began as a casual endeavour during his college years. The intricate interplay of skill and strategy intrigued him, prompting him to dedicate himself towards understanding the nuances of poker and wholeheartedly pursuing it professionally in 2019.


Commenting on his win, Haider Madraswala shared, "My journey in the poker world has been laden with multitude of challenges that also acted as a catalyst for my growth. Winning the prestigious EndBoss Special Edition 2023 stands as a pivotal milestone in my journey, and I am eagerly anticipating the prospects ahead. I am fully committed to embracing each experience, utilizing it as means to refine my skills and strategies.”

Further talking about his experience with Poker, Haider shared that the elements of skill involved in the sport is multifarious. Physically - stamina, endurance, good health are imperatives to make complex decisions for long hours without burning through energy too quickly. On a mental level, it is complex decision making with partial and incomplete information while psychologically, management of emotions, stress and creativity layered with increased presence of mind.

He also added, “Respect the game and treat yourself like an athlete in the way you live life to give yourself the best shot.”

Congratulating Haider for winning the EndBoss 2023 tournament, Navkiran Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Baazi Games, shared, “Haider's story is a resounding testament to how poker is a truly a game of skill. His journey is built on perseverance and reflects his relentless pursuit to progress further by constantly improving his game through continuous educating in the realm of Poker. With inspiring stories like that of Haider’s come to the forefront, we are certain that Indian Poker community is only giving to thrive even further in the coming years.” 

Haider's journey has inspired not only the poker community but his family and friends as well.

Speaking on the larger picture, Haider raises concerns about the proposed GST scheme's lack of distinction between skill and chance games. He advocates for a regulatory approach that fosters growth while ensuring fairness and proper taxation.