15th Edition of Deltin Poker Tournament 2023 Concludes

15th Edition of Deltin Poker Tournament 2023 Concludes

Adda52.com announced the successful conclusion of the 15th edition of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT). The tournament, held in partnership with the prestigious Deltin Group which celebrated its 10-year anniversary, brought together an array of talented poker players from across the country for a thrilling competition of skill and strategy. The event featured an impressive prize pool of Rs. 2.5 crore with more than 700 participants. 

The Deltin Poker Tournament spanned over six action-packed days, captivating poker enthusiasts and professionals alike. Players showcased their expertise, battled it out at the felts, and pushed their limits to claim the coveted titles and massive prize pools. The tournament reached its pinnacle with the Grand Finale, where the top contenders battled fiercely for the title of the ultimate poker champion. Sahil Chutani from the city of Delhi emerged as the winner of the main event with prize money of Rs. 20 Lac. And Raghav Bansal secured the first position in the DPT High Roller event, with a prize money of Rs. 16.8 Lac.

Commenting on the conclusion of the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT), Mr. Shivanandan Pare, CEO, Adda52.com said, “The 10-year anniversary of Deltin Royale, along with the new edition of Deltin Poker Tournament, fueled the excitement among players, inspiring them to reach new heights. In these challenging times for the industry, events like these become even more critical. They not only serve as a source of inspiration and unity for poker enthusiasts but also demonstrate the resilience and passion within our community. We congratulate all the winners and the participants of the tournament and thank them for making this tournament a success.”

Speaking on the culmination of DPT, Mr. Joydeep Mukherjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Adda52.com said, "Although we observed lower numbers in comparison to the previous editions of the DPT, the resounding participation we witnessed, showcased an unwavering poker spirit and an unyielding passion for live tournaments. We are immensely proud that even in the face of the recent challenges that the industry faces, the energy and enthusiasm of our poker community continue to shine brightly."

Adda52 continues to revolutionize the Indian poker landscape, offering players an unrivaled online gaming experience. With a wide range of tournaments, games, and promotions, the platform remains committed to fostering a thriving poker community and providing players with an exceptional gaming environment.