Candy Crush Saga - The Sweetest Match-Three Colour Game

Candy Crush Saga - The Sweetest Match-Three Colour Game

Candy Crush Saga belongs to the “casual” genre of games. The game was developed by King and initially for Facebook, on 12th April 2012. With increasing popularity, the title later was made available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Windows Phone.  Very easy and very addicting this game is as simple as simply touching your mobile. You just start playing this game and if you won’t stop, it will suck all your money and time up without even realizing it at all.

This colour-matching game is very similar to Bejeweled, simply match three hunger-inducing candies to earn points. The gameplay is so simple – match three candies, yet challenging as with the increasing levels difficulties grow with obstacles introduced. Players are given a limited number of moves to complete the objectives of the level which includes scoring to a certain minimum number, clearing a certain number of candies, or collecting specific items to move to the next level.

To make the game more interesting, vibrant and colourful graphics are used, with levels themed differently. There is a Tiffi – an enthusiastic girl every time cheering for you when making the right move and becoming sad when couldn’t accomplish the in-game task; and Mr. Toffee to guide you through the various levels and difficulties in the game. From time to time, players can earn different kinds of boosters to crack difficult levels easily.

Here, you are given a total of five lives and after losing them all, you can purchase it with real money, or simply wait, they will be returned back to you after a while. Players can connect their game to Facebook and compete with friends for high scores, send and receive lives and boosters, and participate in weekly challenges. So, happy crushing.

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