Product Review: BOULT Z40 Gaming

Product Review: BOULT Z40 Gaming

Gamerz Terminal Ratings(4.5 / 5)

TWS earbuds have taken the gaming audio experience to the next level with their noise free audio. The Z40 Gaming earbuds are the latest addition to BOULT’s TWS line-up, and we're here to give you an honest and unbiased review.

Stylish Transparent Design


The BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds come in a uniquely designed case that adds a touch of premium aesthetics to your gaming setup. When you hold the case vertically, it opens upward, revealing the earbuds inside. What's striking about these earbuds is the transparent lid, which not only adds to the sleek design but also allows you to see the earbuds within.

The RGB lights at the back of both earbuds further enhance their appearance, resembling the iconic mask of the superhero Ironman. This design choice not only makes them look cool but also sets them apart from other gaming earbuds on the market.

What's In the Box

The BOULT Z40 Gaming Earphones come in an attractive packaging. Upon opening, you're greeted with a well-organized layout. The upper slot of the box contains extra earcups for a customized fit, a Type-C charging cable for convenience, and essential documents. The lower slot reveals the star of the show - the BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds. The transparent lid of the case adds a premium touch, and the RGB lights on the strip blink when you open it, adding a cool factor. The RGB light on the earbuds also blinks when the lid is opened, indicating they're ready for pairing, making the whole experience feel truly gaming-oriented.

The charging slot is thoughtfully placed at the bottom for easy access, and the build quality is impressive, with smooth plastic that feels sturdy. Available in two attractive colors, Black Moss and Electric White, these earbuds not only deliver on performance but also on style.

Impressive Features


The BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds are packed with features that enhance your gaming and listening experience. They support Bluetooth 5.4, ensuring lightning-fast connectivity for seamless pairing with your devices. With a 40 ms ultra-low latency rate, you can enjoy uninterrupted audio, which is crucial for gaming where split-second decisions matter. These earbuds are equipped with a 10mm boomx driver, delivering loud and clear sound quality that brings your games to life. The Quad Mics ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) ensures crystal clear sound quality, allowing you to communicate effectively with your team during intense gaming sessions.

The IPX5 water-resistant feature makes the earbuds immune to sweat or light splashes of water, making them ideal for use during workouts or if you get caught in the rain. Additionally, the BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds feature voice assistance support with Siri and Google Assistant, making them truly hands-free for added convenience.

The BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds are designed for multitasking individuals, offering dual connectivity options that make it easy to switch between two devices seamlessly. This feature adds convenience to your daily routine, especially when you're juggling between work and play. Additionally, these earbuds are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The left and right sides are clearly labeled on the front of each earbud, ensuring you never confuse which is which, even in low-light conditions.

Moreover, the BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds feature Boult Amp connectivity, which enhances your gaming experience. With the Boult Amp App, you can customize your audio settings to suit your preferences, taking your gaming experience to the next level.

Big Battery for Long Gaming Hours


The battery life of the BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds is truly impressive. We enjoyed an uninterrupted listening experience for three days on a single charge, which is a real lifesaver for those long gaming sessions or commutes.

Even when you're running low on battery, a quick 10-minute charge can keep the earbuds going for up to one and a half hours, ensuring you're never without your music or game audio for long. With these earbuds, you can power up your game for an incredible 60 hours in a stretch, giving you the freedom to game, work, or travel without worrying about battery life.

Price & Availability

The BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds are available for purchase Boult’s official website, as well as on popular e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. The earbuds are priced at an affordable ₹1499, making them a great value for gamers looking for high-quality audio and features.

GT Verdict

The BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds are a solid choice for gamers looking for reliable performance without breaking the bank. With impressive battery life, a stylish design, and customizable audio features, they offer great value for money. Overall, the BOULT Z40 Gaming earbuds are a great investment for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience without compromising on quality. We give it 4.5 stars out of 5.