“We're Committed To Creating An Unforgettable Poker Experience For Players Across The Country”

“We're Committed To Creating An Unforgettable Poker Experience For Players Across The Country”

Deltatech Gaming, a well known player in the gaming industry is serving the gaming population with some amazing gaming apps like Adda52, Adda52Games & Adda52Rummy. These games are immensely popular among gaming communities. To know about the gaming market growth, Jyoti Janda, Editor, Gamerz Terminal exclusively talked to Joydeep Mukherjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Deltatech Gaming. Check out this exclusive interview for interesting facts about the online gaming market.

Jyoti: What are the emerging marketing trends in the growing online gaming industry?

Joydeep: Over the past three years, the online gaming sector has experienced a remarkable growth rate (CAGR) of 28%, culminating in a total revenue of INR 16,428 crore in FY23. This surge is not confined to major cities but is fueled by the steady expansion of gaming enthusiasts in Tier 2 and 3 regions. India boasts approximately 146 million players engaged in real money gaming (RMG) and around 302 million casual gamers not involved in RMG. A noticeable trend is the increasing number of pay-to-play gamers, particularly from Tier 2 and 3 cities.

Another particularly encouraging trend is the increased participation of women in online gaming tournaments. This is a big step in the direction of diversity and inclusivity within the gaming community. As they compete at the highest levels and display keen strategic skills, women are shattering preconceived notions and are leaving their mark on the sector. In addition to the evolving player demographics, the introduction of new variations in the game has been a significant trend. With poker as well, we are bringing newer table styles to build more excitement and engagement to the game of skill, which is similar to the evolution of cricket with forms like T20.

Jyoti: What are your expectations from the government regarding policies and support for the gaming industry's growth and development?

Joydeep: In order to encourage wider adoption, the real-money gaming sector hopes that the government will bring about regulatory changes that promote openness, trust, and responsible gaming for our customers. Regarding taxes, the strict regulations in place now will undoubtedly impede the sunrise industry's ability to innovate and expand. It is our aim that gaming with real money would receive the same treatment as the entertainment sector.

Jyoti: How is Deltatech Gaming engaging with its audience to enhance brand loyalty and increase user acquisition?

Joydeep: At our company, we're committed to creating an all-encompassing and unforgettable poker experience for players across the country. To achieve this, we've adopted a multi-pronged approach that combines both online and offline platforms, making us a unique and comprehensive destination for poker enthusiasts.

Online, we've invested significantly in our digital infrastructure to host a wide array of poker tournaments that cater to a larger audience. With our online platform, we're able to reach players from various corners of the country, ensuring that poker enthusiasts can participate, compete, and connect from virtually anywhere. We've leveraged cutting-edge technology to deliver seamless gameplay, robust security, and a user-friendly interface.

Simultaneously, our offline tournaments have become synonymous with excellence. We host live events at our prestigious venues, creating a physical space for players to engage, compete, and revel in the spirit of poker. These events not only attract players from around the country but also cultivate a sense of community, excitement, and competition that's second to none.

Our ability to seamlessly merge the online and offline poker worlds sets us apart. We offer a truly holistic poker experience, allowing players to seamlessly transition between both platforms while enjoying the same level of quality and engagement. It's not just about hosting tournaments; it's about creating memories, forging connections, and celebrating the incredible game of poker on a global scale.

Jyoti: What steps has Deltatech Gaming taken to promote responsible gaming practices among its players?

Joydeep: Promoting responsible gaming practices is very important for us. We have taken some steps to ensure that the players play responsibly on our platform. Some of those steps include:

  • Self-Exclusion Tools: Adda52 offers self-exclusion tools that allow players to voluntarily exclude themselves from the platform for a specified period. This helps individuals take control of their gaming habits and prevent excessive play.

  • Time Limits: Adda52 provides options for players to set time limits on their gaming sessions, helping them to regulate their playing time and prevent compulsive behavior.

  • Deposit Limits: The platform allows players to set deposit limits, enabling them to manage their spending and avoid financial harm associated with excessive gambling.

  • Age Verification: Adda52 implements robust age verification measures to ensure that players are of legal gambling age, thereby preventing underage gambling

By implementing these measures, our aim is to create a safe and responsible gaming environment for its players while also raising awareness about the importance of responsible gaming practices.

Jyoti: Can you share some insights into the factors that have contributed to the increased participation of women in real money gaming?

Joydeep: The involvement of women in the gaming industry, particularly in poker, has seen a significant increase in recent times. Poker is a game of strategy and risk management, and we maintain the belief that both genders possess an equal opportunity to thrive in poker. We are witnessing an increasing number of female players from various regions regularly participating on our platform.

In the most recent edition of our flagship offline poker event, the Deltin Poker Tournament, we saw 21 participants in the Ladies’ event. In fact, we have been fortunate to have two dedicated players, Pratibha Arya and Maria Kirloskar, as our game ambassadors. They not only exemplify outstanding poker expertise but also serve as a source of inspiration to others, having achieved significant victories in national and international poker events.

As technology continues to break down barriers, we expect to see much larger participation from female players in poker, rising up to 30 to 40% in line with their participation in mobile gaming. Moreover, the gaming industry itself is evolving to become more inclusive and supportive of female players.

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