Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago Coming This April

Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago Coming This April

Indie studio 14 Hours Productions is releasing Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago on April 30th for PC and mobile. The game’s latest trailer, featuring additional color palette options, previews the idle action. 

Your realm is in grave danger! As its Guardian Spirit, the Fairy Queen has tasked you with raising elf heroes to protect the land from the Dark Lord. As danger draws near and the Dark Lord’s minions begin infiltrating the countryside, your heroic elves might be the only creatures who can save this land.

From Hatchling to Hero!

Inspired by the classic Tamagotchis of the 90s, Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago blends idle RPG mechanics with the digital pet sim genre. Your adventure begins as you care for an egg, protecting it from the elements and other wildlife. When your hatchling turns into a hero, you must hone its skills, keep it healthy, and raise it for a grand adventure. Train your hero’s dexterity, intelligence, and strength through weaponry and study, feed and bathe your adventurer after a hard day’s work, and ensure your hero gets ample rest. As an idle game, Yolk Heroes lets players queue tasks; even if you close out of the game, your hero will continue to grow! When your skills are ready, explore the map and enter the realm’s dungeons in search of hidden treasures. Formidable enemies await your adventurer in the wild, so ensure they’re well-prepared ahead of their adventures. If your hero falls in battle, The Fairy Queen will grant you a new egg to raise from hatchling to hero!

In (Nearly) Living Color

Explore Yolk Heroes’ color palettes to bring your adventure to life. As previewed in the trailer, over 30 color palettes are available to customize your experience. Plunge your world into an icy frost with the Winter palette, take on the Frog Lord with the menacing Slasher palette, or wind down for the day with the Sunset palette. With these 30+ color presets, players can create a realm to match any aesthetic. If you’re looking for a change, these color presets may be swapped at any time and will be saved for your next login.

More Adventure Awaits!

Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago will published by Astrolabe Games as part of its April 30th release. The game will be localized in Chinese and Japanese, and the localization will be available on Steam and mobile.

Key Features:

Tamagotchi-Style Gameplay: Enjoy the classic Tamagotchi experience of raising and caring for a digital pet at your own pace.

Egg-celent Adventures: Embark on quests with your hero to test their strengths in the field; be mindful of their capabilities to keep your hero alive.

Idle Gameplay: Once your hero is active, you can relax and let them complete quests themselves; they’ll let you know when your help is required.

Personalized Training: Train your heroes in strength, dexterity, and intelligence, ensuring they are well-prepared for the adventures ahead!

Play At Your Leisure: Take the game at your own pace, caring for your elf's needs, training them, and venturing into the world only when you and your hero are ready.

Create Your Color Palette: Over 30 color palettes are available to customize players’ experience!