Yogscast Games Thrills Fans with Hexguardian

Yogscast Games Thrills Fans with Hexguardian

Yogscast Games is delighted to reveal its newest indie title: Hexguardian! Joining the likes of PlateUp!, Golfie, Aces & Adventures and many more, Hexguardian is shaping up to be a genre-blending title that’s perfect for fans of cosy builders but who want to add a little more strategy to the mix.

A combination of tower defense and hex-based city-building, Hexguardian has been created by indie studio Split Second Games. As their first title, Hexguardian, is already showing plenty of promise, perfectly combining the relaxing nature of games like Dorfromantik with the strategy of the tower defense genre.

This roguelite builds on the traditional format of the tower defense genre by giving players the freedom to shape the terrain themselves. Players can craft buildings, recruit units, learn spells, and battle their foes from sea, land and air as they fight to survive. The more days they see, the more buildings, units and bonuses they unlock, meaning players will do anything to survive the night.

"The whole team fell in love with Hexguardian the moment we saw it," says Simon Byron, Managing Director, Yogscast Games. "It effortlessly blends together tower defense with rogelite elements and wraps them into a gorgeous hexagonal landscape, basically ticking all of our boxes. Yichi is a talented solo developer and has already proven to be a joy to work with - we're thrilled to welcome him to the Yogscast Games family. A quote like this usually ends with something like 'we can't wait to get this into the hands of players - but that's not appropriate here as a demo is fully playable now. Go see for yourselves how brilliant it is - and wishlist now to be notified on launch."