What's New in BGMI 3.0? Know Best Features Here

What's New in BGMI 3.0? Know Best Features Here

KRAFTON has recently rolled out the 3.0 update for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA with lots in store! Available now on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the update introduces a wave of exciting features, gameplay enhancements, and exclusive rewards for players.

Here's a sneak peek at what BGMI 3.0 brings to the battleground:

Shadow Force Theme Mode:

Players can delve into the immersive Shadow Force Theme Mode, which introduces new gameplay dynamics. With the addition of the Samurai Sword, players gain a tactical advantage by being able to block bullets. The update also includes new gadgets like the clone summoning device and grappling hook, providing enhanced maneuverability and strategic options during combat.
Valentine’s Day Special:

Players can enjoy the spirit of Valentine’s Day on the battleground through special features such as teaming up with a partner for a two-player bicycle and other captivating Valentine's Day effects. 

Cricket 33 Crate – Haalo Re Haalo:

Immerse yourself in the cricket-themed content with the introduction of the Hardik Blitz outfit, now accessible in the Cricket 33 Crate. Players can celebrate their victories with unique in-game gestures like Saras Sway and the Dhamaka Dance to personalize their gameplay experience.

Play & Win Challenges:

Players can participate in Play & Win challenges, immersing themselves in epic missions to earn rewarding prizes such as Urbane Captain Set, Desert Taskforce Set, Classic and Suppy Crate Coupons etc. 

Gold Spin – Shadow Altar Spin:

Players can obtain the highly sought-after Shinobi Kami M416 skin by participating in the Shadow Altar spin feature. This exclusive reward allows players to customize their in-game appearance, adding a unique touch to their battlefield persona.

Royale Pass A4 – Snowfall Supreme:

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA introduces the A4 Royale Pass, presenting players with a refreshed array of rewards and outfits. This latest addition provides an opportunity for players to enhance their gaming experience and demonstrate their skills through the Snowfall Supreme Royale Pass.