Vane Joins Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Roster

Vane Joins Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising Roster

Tokyo-based video game publisher and developer Cygames, Inc. has announced that they have released the Version 1.30 update on April 2 to Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising (GBVSR), developed by Arc System Works Co., Ltd. for the PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Steam platforms. Included in this update are the new playable character Vane and tie-in content from Shadowverse. 

Version 1.30 Update

Version 1.30 was released on April 2 and includes the playable character Vane, as well as the Shadowverse Premium Avatar Set. Additionally, adjustments have been made to the battle system, characters, and more. For further details, please refer to the patch notes on the official GBVSR website.

Update Contents

  • Playable Character: Vane

  • Shadowverse Premium Avatar Set

  • Balance adjustments (both general and character-specific)

  • Minor bug fixes

Vane Joins the Roster as a Playable Character!

Vane is now obtainable as a DLC character. This addition to the roster includes a Premium Avatar of Vane, who will give players encouragement and gameplay tips if they set him as their partner. Also included is the Weapon Cutout of Treuer Krieger, which lets players customize the appearance of their Avatar’s weapon in Grand Bruise!

Vane (Voice: Zeno Robinson [EN]/Takuya Eguchi [JP])

A powerful brawler who specializes in medium and long-range strikes, Vane can use the extended reach of his halberd to unleash attacks that are visually as well as physically stunning. Not only can he dole out massive damage, but he also possesses special moves that let him resist enemy blows before unleashing a counter of his own.

Additional Character Set (Vane) Details



  • Playable Character: Vane

  • Premium Avatar: Vane

  • Badge: Vane

  • Weapon Cutout: Treuer Krieger

  • Figure Studio poses and expressions 1–6 for Vane

  • Bonus item for the original Granblue Fantasy mobile game (PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 purchases only)

  • You will need the full paid game to use this content, which is sold separately. The latest update may also be required.

  • The additional character and items featured in this set are also included in GBVSR Character Pass 1 and GBVSR Deluxe Character Pass 1. Please be careful to ensure you do not make a duplicate purchase.

  • The bonus item for the original Granblue Fantasy mobile game can be obtained by entering the included serial code into the Serial Codes screen in Granblue Fantasy.

Third Tie-in Premium Avatar Set Featuring Shadowverse Characters Now Available!

The third tie-in GBVSR Premium Avatar set is now available as paid DLC and features Arisa, Luna, and Rowen from Shadowverse. These premium avatars can be set as partners to advise and encourage players during gameplay. Also included in the set are badges for decorating in-game profiles as well as Weapon Cutouts for the Forest Guardian’s Bow and Dragonslayer Spear. 

Shadowverse Premium Avatar Set Trailer:

Shadowverse Premium Avatar Set Details

MSRP: €8.99


  • Premium Avatar: Arisa

  • Premium Avatar: Luna

  • Premium Avatar: Rowen

  • Badges: 3 types

  • Weapon Cutout: Forest Guardian’s Bow

  • Weapon Cutout: Dragonslayer Spear

Arc World Tour 2024 Announced

Arc World Tour 2024 is a series of international events where participants will face off in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising for the title of world champion. This season, there will be an increased number of Arc World Tour qualifier tournaments across several regions, so expect the competition to be fiercer than ever before!

Arc World Tour 2024 is planned to consist of both online and offline qualifier events. The first of these will be at EVO Japan 2024, to be held from April 27 to 29. Further details will be announced at a later date.