Towers & Powers Launching on 15th December

Towers & Powers Launching on 15th December

Jetdogs and VRKiwi are excited to announce that Towers & Powers, their divine VR tower defense game, will be launching on December 15th!

Become a powerful god and help your loyal followers construct towers to fight off the invading forces. Players who want to indulge themselves in this power trip can do so on Steam VR, Meta Quest, and PlayStation VR2. Towers & Powers will be priced at $16.99 on all platforms, with a 20% launch discount on Steam.

Towers & Powers Full Release Trailer:

About the game

Towers & Powers is a VR tower defense game where the player embodies a god, guiding worshipers to organize, oversee, and fortify their towers through divine interventions.

Step into an ancient realm teeming with mythical creatures and threatened by impending chaos. Your divine duty is to keep your worshipers from harm and safeguard the islands as they are besieged by attacks.

Use your godly powers and create teams of peasants, priests, warriors and magicians, and help them decide which buildings they need to construct to maximize their chances of survival, while you cast powerful magic to defend allies, trap foes or rain havoc down on your enemies.

Key Features

  • Tower Defense ​ in VR | Engage in a thrilling tower defense game where the boundaries between reality and divine strategy blur. In VR, you have the perfect overview!

  • Inspect the Battlefield | Take command by scrutinizing the battlefield from every perspective. With a 360-degree view, you can strategize and make split-second decisions to defend your islands against impending chaos.

  • Play how you want | Whether you prefer a relaxed seated gaming session or the added mobility of standing up, Towers & Powers caters to your comfort.

  • Dynamic Tower Construction | Build towers that go beyond conventional defense. Combine different types of units to create new structures, adding strategic depth to your defensive lineup.

  • Fortify your defenses | Construct barricades strategically. Hold back waves of enemies and create tactical choke points.

  • Deploy Units | Your units aren't tied down to your towers, command peasants, priests, warriors, and magicians strategically to outmaneuver foes and protect your residents.

  • Divine Spellcasting | Accumulate mana and cast powerful spells with your very own hands. Feel like an almighty god as you unleash divine interventions to turn the tide of battle.