Tower Of Dreams Coming To Steam And Nintendo Switch

Tower Of Dreams Coming To Steam And Nintendo Switch

Sour Lemon Studios is bringing roguelike mechanics to the platforming genre. Their upcoming release, Tower of Dreams, invites players into a retro platformer roguelike adventure. In anticipation of the game’s full release, a free demo will be available during February’s Steam Next Fest. The full game will launch later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Embark on your adventures as the Dream Knight, wielding your sword against an array of enemies blocking your ascent through a mystical tower. Pogo off these enemies to reach new heights and navigate the game’s obstacles as you ascend. Secrets lie within this tower, and uncovering them may be the key to unlocking your true strength. Discover 36 diverse items to temporarily boost your abilities and permanent upgrades that strengthen your combat skills. Fight through side areas and hand-crafted levels with your newfound strength to claim this tower for yourself!

Accompany the Dream Knight through a world of retro pixel art and standout colors. While uncovering the tower's secrets, players may unlock additional in-game cosmetics and armor sets for a customizable experience. Pass through the four floors of this mystical tower to encounter new upgrades for your ascent and new enemies guarding your path. With these features, no two runs are the same, meaning it’s up to you to lead your knight to victory!


  • Genre-Bending Gameplay: Experience the nostalgia of a retro vertical platformer combined with challenging roguelike combat.

  • King of the Hill: Ascend Tower of Dream’s four floors, each with a unique set of obstacles and challenges.

  • Knight-in-Training: 36 unique items are available throughout the game, strengthening your knight’s skills as you face off against more difficult enemies.

  • Partner in Crime: Progress through the game to unlock additional armor sets and cosmetics to customize your run!

Tower of Dreams will launch later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch. Interested players can get a preview of the action in the game’s free demo, available for February’s Steam Next Fest. Wishlist the game on Steam to receive additional updates on the game’s launch.