Torchlight: Infinite Reveals New Season "The City of Aeterna"

Torchlight: Infinite Reveals New Season "The City of Aeterna"

Arriving on September 7th, Torchlight: Infinite’s new season “The City of Aeterna'' debuts an exciting new chapter for the cross-platform RPG. Rebuild a lost city, challenge the new season boss, and say hello to Torchlight’s ethereal hero, Iris, as well as new skills, legendary gear, Pactspirits, and much more! You can watch an in-depth overview of the new season here.

New content: The City of Aeterna

Delve into the Ruins of Aeterna, undertake timed challenges, and rekindle candelabra to obtain Marks of Ruin. These Marks activate various reward spots scattered across the world map - join the dots and cover as much of the map as possible to maximise reward drops. Only when the map is complete will you be able to enter the fabled City of Aeterna to claim your prizes. 

As you explore the city you will come across a new type of item, Soul Candles. Equip these in your Hunter’s Skill panel to unlock a range of powerful affixes that then be upgraded, evolved, and mutated by spending Tears of Aeterna dropped by monsters. Offering more ways than ever to customise your loadout, experiment with Soul Candles combinations and test out mutations, but with great power comes the occasional side effect. You've been warned!

New season boss: The Lone King of Aeterna

Hunters’ efforts to rebuild the city won’t go unnoticed as a menacing new foe awaits deep within. The Lone King of Aeterna will attempt to slay any looking to usurp his domain. However, those who defeat him will claim lost treasures that have been hidden in Aeterna for thousands of years! The more rewards spots you are able to connect on the world map, the more difficult this battle will be, but with an increased chance of looting precious new gear.

New hero: The Forsaken Iris

The City of Aeterna not only introduces a new villain, but a new hero too. Iris is a Spirit Magus from another world, capable of summoning a ghostly brigade of Spirit Magi to fight by her side, buffing them with support spells as they take to the battlefield.

Spirit Magi act differently to other summoned minions found in Torchlight: Infinite. These dynamic sidekicks can hold their own in a fight and will level up alongside Iris thanks to their unique Growth mechanic. By unlocking Talents or equipping certain gear, you can help max out your Spirits, each of the 5 Growth tiers increasing their base attributes. You can unlock Iris by obtaining the City of Aeterna Season Pass which also launches on September 7, 2023. 

New Hero Trait: Flame of Pleasure

This latest season will also introduce a new Hero Trait for one of Torchlight: Infinite’s original heroes, Gemma. Creating an entirely new playstyle to try out, Flame of Pleasure can be unlocked by spending Primocrysts or Hero Emblems in-game. This new Hero Trait allows Gemma to use Purgatory, a powerful skill that applies a fiery Brand to her enemies while dealing massive damage. Gemma can then unleash Death by Fire, baptising her foes in a flaming vortex and inflicting extra damage to those marked with a Brand.

These are just some of the new additions planned for Torchlight: Infinite when the City of Aeterna goes live next month. In addition, XD have also been working hard to improve the core game for new and veteran players. The upcoming season will introduce further changes to crafting, hero balancing, and the Trade House, while also improving performance optimization and making it easier to get your hands on legendary gear. XD continue to evolve Torchlight: Infinite based on the valuable feedback of its players, creating a better dungeon-crawling for everyone!