Torchlight: Infinite Kicks Off Preseason With Hunter’s Odyssey

Torchlight: Infinite Kicks Off Preseason With Hunter’s Odyssey

Torchlight: Infinite players can get their grind on from October 26th 19:00 PDT (27th BST), when SS3’s preseason — Hunter’s Odyssey — will make a glorious debut. Featuring the new map, Hunter's Woods, drop boxes packing valuable items, preseason exclusive gear and more, there’s plenty of dungeon crawling action to enjoy in the lead up to SS3.

At the heart of the preseason content is a brand new experience for hunters. Here they are granted several exclusive buffs, where increasing movement speed will result in additional damage for main skills. These will also auto-activate after moving a certain distance for some truly high-octane carnage. 

Hunters should come well-equipped for a fight, with multiple Netherrealm boss fights occurring within the same map. The increased number of formidable boss monsters and treasure chests scattered throughout stages will also mean an 130% increase to development speed, which players can utilise to further enhance their characters and beef up their arsenal. 

What’s more, during the preseason period (running until Nov 20), there’s a chance monsters will drop the Proof of Stat Hunter. Those who offer this to the Goddess of Hunting will see the gates of the mysterious Hunter’s Woods swing open. Players may also grind for the three ultimate legendary gear which will drop exclusively during preseason.

A number of discounts and rewards will be up for grabs, including a free SS3 Golden Season Pass for those who purchase and adequately level the Preseason Golden Pass. Those on the hunt for a good bargain can also sink their teeth into a 50% discount on premium booth pages in the Trade House. 

Hunter’s Odyssey presents the perfect opportunity for players to get ready for the launch of SS3. Buckle up, Hunters, it’s time for some serious preseason looting. 

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