The Gap Limited Edition Launches on PlayStation 5

The Gap Limited Edition Launches on PlayStation 5

Meridiem is excited to announce that The Gapβ€”Limited Edition is out now as a special boxed edition for PlayStation 5. Developed by Label This and digitally published by Crunching KoalasThe Gap is a unique gaming experience that combines exploration, puzzle solving, and immersive storytelling. 

Meridiem is responsible for the design and manufacture of the boxed version of The Gap - Limited Edition for PlayStation 5, which is available now in specialist stores across Europe.

The Gap - Limited Edition includes the full PlayStation 5 game housed in a special case with exclusive artwork, a metallic effect postcard and the haunting downloadable soundtrack of this incredible adventure.

About The Gap

The Gap tells the difficult story of a man's struggle to find a cure for his family's illness through the exploration of parallel realities that include memories dear to his heart, forcing him to dive deeper into his psyche.

Joshua Hayes is a neuroscientist whose family is affected by a rare neurological disorder that slowly eats away at a person's mental capacity and well-being. The family's struggles are witnessed through the lens of their highest and lowest moments in life. As Joshua explores raw, minimalist spaces, he encounters elements that act as gateways to his past.

In addition, while participating in an experimental neuroscience program, run by a biotech giant, Neuraxis, Joshua unwittingly becomes embroiled in corporate intrigue.

Hoping to unravel the web of memories, he will have to face a harrowing question: can he really trust himself?

The Gap - Limited Edition is available today as a special boxed retail version for PlayStation 5. Fans can purchase the game now from specialist retailers across Europe.

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