The Best of BGMI’s A4 Royale Pass: Know More

The Best of BGMI’s A4 Royale Pass: Know More

Exciting news for BGMI fans! The A4 Royale Pass is here, bringing a winter wonderland of rewards and thrills. Unveiling a one-of-a-kind upgradable DBS skin at Rank 50, this pass is all about style and firepower.

Get ready for a Snowfall Supreme adventure with winter-themed vehicle and weapon skins!

This winter bash extends to level 100, offering two dazzling variants: the regular Royale Pass and the Elite Royale Pass. Conquer missions, snatch freebies, or go all-in for premium rewards! Launched on January 15th, this frosty fiesta lasts until March 4th, 2024. Seize the chance to claim your pass within this epic timeframe.

Here’s what you can get your hands on in the A4 Royale Pass:

RP Rank 10: Droopy Ears Skorpion.

RP Rank 20: Neuro Dynamo Helmet.

RP Rank 30: Origami Drake MP5K.

RP Rank 40: Cryptic Hunter Set and Cover.

RP Rank 50: Panthera Prime DBS (Level 1. Can be upgraded to get the elimination broadcast effect).

RP Rank 60: Panthera Prime Backpack.

RP Rank 70: Icy Reindeer.

RP Rank 80: Biowave Trekker Thompson SMG, Panthera Prime Stun Grenade, Panthera Prime Emote.

RP Rank 90: Frosty Evil M249.   

RP Rank 100: Panthera Prime Set (level 1).