Thalassa Edge of the Abyss to Launch on 18th June

Thalassa Edge of the Abyss to Launch on 18th June

Team17 Digital and Norwegian game developer Sarepta Studio have announced a partnership to publish first person psychological mystery Thalassa Edge of the Abyss on 18th June. Launching on Steam, and from the same team that created My Child Lebensborn, Thalassa Edge of the Abyss delves deep into an atmospheric story of self-discovery, intricate relationships, and sea drenched sorrow. 

Following the journey of Cam, a deep-sea diver and member of the Thalassa’s crew, players will undertake an expedition to the final resting place of the Thalassa, Cam’s old ship, which now lays shipwrecked and abandoned on the sea floor. To get the answers Cam so desperately seeks, players must explore the wreckage, pick through clues left by Cam’s old crew, and piece together the events, ultimately uncovering the truth behind Thalassa’s untimely end. 

Thalassa Key Features:

  • An Emotional Journey – Follow the personal struggles of each member of the Thalassa, and explore how stress, grief, and loss impact the mind

  • Uncover the Mystery – As the only diver left, head down to the Thalassa’s final resting place, discover clues, and piece them together to unravel the events leading up to disaster

  • Get to Know Your Crew – Discover a story that picks apart the complexities of human emotions, and learn more about the intricate relationships between the crew members

  • Explore the Wreckage - Navigate through the debris of the Thalassa, avoiding obstacles, and using tools to unblock areas of the ship to continue exploring

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