SS5 Preview Livestream Introduces Exciting New Content for Torchlight: Infinite

SS5 Preview Livestream Introduces Exciting New Content for Torchlight: Infinite

The clock is ticking, the ballet is about to begin. That’s right, a brand new season of Torchlight: Infinite is just around the corner and XD Games has revealed a sneak peek of what players can expect when the new season launches on July 4 during today's livestream. Alongside new content, players can also expect to see overhauled gameplay in the game’s biggest update ever!

Titled the ‘Clockwork Ballet’, SS5 will bring foreboding new foes, outfits and improvements to minute-to-minute gameplay that will revolutionise the player experience. PC players especially will be treated to an entirely new UI designed to help them focus on the fight!

The launch of the new season is marked with an all-new hero trait for Divineshot Carino - Zealot of War. Hell-bent on a quest for vengeance, this new hero trait turns Carino into a Gatling Gunslinger in Burning Red, allowing him to switch seamlessly between different combat modes. Choosing either Mobility or Annihilation, Carino will make quick work of his enemies and can continue to unleash a barrage of firepower even after his ammunition is depleted. As a true force to be reckoned with, escape isn’t an option. 

As part of season-exclusive content, strange dolls are scattered throughout this mysterious new chapter of Torchlight: Infinite. Defeating them grants players coupons they can exchange for rewards and the chance to increase the challenge rating of their battles from F to SSS and become the ultimate doll destroyer. 

The fight doesn’t stop there. By unlocking exclusive membership services — including the ‘Clockwork Ballet Ticket’ — hunters will be able to transport themselves through the Iron Curtain of Eminence and go head-to-head with harrowing new season-exclusive boss and enigmatic leader, Silverwing Dansuse.

Fortunately, ‘Clockwork Ballet’ offers powerful Legendary gear to ensure players are well-armed and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. The Passing of Time and Time of Vow rings will do more than bring the bling, and players can also slip into the Heels of Hands boots, offering auto-triggers to Empower and Defensive skills, saving valuable skill slots. With the Legendary Visions Event launching simultaneously with the new season, Hunters can also increase the drop rates for Legendary gear for optimal looting.

SS5 also throws two new Pactspirits into the mix, including Iron Lion, a new combat companion for projectile-loving companions with additional knockback effects. There’s also a variety of new outfits up for grabs for hunters looking to enhance their wardrobe with the Wukong: Escapist Apparel, Night Rider Skill Effect and much more. 

With the new season only weeks away, players will also be able to look forward to a slew of general quality of life improvements and optimization, for an all-round smoother and immersive Torchlight: Infinite experience:

  • Legendary Equipment Overhaul

  • Simplified Netherrealm Challenge Process

  • Free Talent Reset extended to Lv. 90

  • Automatic Pactspirit Plan Switching

  • …and much much more. 

There’s not long to wait and the countdown will soon be over for Torchlight: Infinite’s biggest update yet! 

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