SelectaPlay to Exhibit at Indie Dev Day This September

SelectaPlay to Exhibit at Indie Dev Day This September

Publisher SelectaPlay has confirmed they will be exhibiting at Indie Dev Day, showcasing no less than six new titles from their upcoming portfolio of games. Running from 8th - 10th September in Barcelona, Spain, SelectaPlay will have the first playable demos for fans to get some hands-on time with, three of which are to be announced soon. 

Three of the playable titles are the recently announced first-person psychological horror narrative experience Luto, the addictive puzzle game Bubble Ghost Remake and Inner Ashes, the first-person narrative adventure game. SelectaPlay will announce three exciting new titles, also playable on their booth at Indie Dev Day, in the lead-up to the event, so stay tuned for more information. 

Luto (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

“The worst part about Hell is not the flames, it’s the hopelessness...”

Developed by Broken Bird Games, Luto is a first-person psychological horror narrative experience where you play the role of an individual unable to leave their own home. Searching for a way to escape will lead you down a series of paths that will test your senses as you explore the pain of losing a loved one.

Bubble Ghost Remake (PC, Nintendo Switch) 

Guide a small ghost and its bubble through an enchanted castle full of dangers and challenges in this incredible remake of Bubble Ghost. Overcome skill levels and ingenious puzzles as you uncover the story behind the spirit of Heinrich Von Schinker. This re-imagination of the game, developed by VIDIBOND S.L., features fully updated graphics and sound, along with a host of new features such as new game modes, challenging final bosses, collectables, and many more secrets that complete an exciting and challenging adventure in a magical castle that will keep you hooked for hours. Are you ready to blow the bubble and uncover the castle's secrets?