SelectaPlay Announces New Features in Dark Atlas: Infernum

SelectaPlay Announces New Features in Dark Atlas: Infernum

SelectaPlay has released information on planned new accessibility features being included in the upcoming first-person horror survival game Dark Atlas: Infernum. Developed Night Council Studio. SelectaPlay will be responsible for the global publishing of Dark Atlas: Infernum for Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC via Steam in 2024. 

In order to ensure that Dark Atlas: Infernum is available to a wide audience of gamers, the developers are working to implement additional accessibility features to aid player’s gameplay experience. 

The accessibility features include: 

  • Guided movement system (when a destination is selected from a menu, and the character moves automatically). 

  • Audio description (auditory description via a bot that describes the game scene).

  • Audio descriptions - sound subtitles. 

  • Subtitles, Colorblind filters and Stereo/mono system. 

Roberto González, (programmer) and Álvaro Aparicio (game designer) from Night Council Studio will also be attending the inaugural International Event of Inclusivity in Videogames in Cuenca, Spain from 18-20 January. On 19 January at 17.00 CET Roberto and Álvaro will give a talk on Dark Atlas: Infernum, the first project on the platform for the development of accessible video games.