SCUM Launches 0.95 Update, The Horde

SCUM Launches 0.95 Update, The Horde

Jagex and Gamepires launched The Horde for multiplayer survival game SCUM. This update brings with it an improved tutorial system for new and returning players, new weapons and attachments, as well as a rework of the crafting system and the return of the fan favourite pickup truck. 

SCUM’s 0.95 update, The Horde, welcomes new players and introduces the Survival Codex, a new in-game database containing all the essential information a player will need to survive and thrive in the world of SCUM, from movement controls and survival skills, to base building and attributes. Alongside this, the update adds new Survival Tips, which will pop up periodically during gameplay to offer helpful information, based on the player’s current situation. Crafting has also been reworked to allow for a better user experience. 

The update brings with it an overhaul of the enemy spawning system, introducing new threat zones: low, medium, and high. High value loot can be found in High Threat Zones, along with more dangerous enemies, so players will have to weigh up the risk and reward when tackling these new threats. 

Players will be better equipped than ever following today’s update, with new weapons, and vehicles available. Long-term players will be delighted to see the popular Pickup truck, which is making its return in The Horde. Players can also heat things up with the new Improvised Flamethrower or hit hard with the modern SCAR-L. Those looking for a stealthier option will enjoy the new .45 ACP Suppressor for firearms using .45 ACP ammunition and the PU Scope adds range to the Mosin rifle. 

Last but not least, this update also brings performance optimizations and the implementation of the latest Nvidia DLSS version alongside Nvidia frame generation for the Nvidia 4xxx series.  

Also launching today are the Male Hair Deluxe DLC and the Dance Pack DLC. Whether players want to show off their moves on the dance floor or take a trip to the barber to get a new look, these two new DLCs have you covered. Each DLC is available on Steam today for $6.99/£5.89/€6.89. 

SCUM is a multiplayer open world survival game that offers unprecedented levels of character customisation, control and progression, where knowledge and skills are the ultimate weapons for long-term survival. Players are put into the role of a prisoner forced to fight for their life in a bloodthirsty TV show, earning the support of viewers, producers, and corporate sponsors along the way. 

SCUM is available to play now in Early Access on Steam with a 50% discount until 7 December.