Road to Valor: Empires – Unleash the Power of Epic Units

Road to Valor: Empires – Unleash the Power of Epic Units

Road to Valor: Empires is KRAFTON, Inc.’s new and thrilling player vs player strategy game. The game offers players the opportunity to choose from multiple factions, including Roman, Persian, Norman, and Japanese, and design their armies using guardians, beasts, and mythical heroes.

Each faction possesses powerful Epic units such as Spartacus, Achilles, Sigurd, and Brunhild. These Epic units possess unique abilities and they play a pivotal role in steering your troops to victory and turning the tide of battles. If you want to dominate the battlefield, be sure to include some of these powerful Epic units in your army:


Spartacus is known for his exceptional combat skills and leadership abilities. He is fast, strong and deals significant single attack damage.


  1. Fatality: Increased chances of killing enemy units instantly, making every strike blow to the enemy possibly the final one

  2. Gladiator’s Instinct: Inspires friendly units when defeating the enemy; this temporarily enhances attack speed and movement speed of allies Bottom of Form


Achilles is the legendary hero who was victorious in the Trojan War. Blessed by the gods, no one dares stand against him.


  1. Hero’s Spear: Spear leap attacks on enemies cause severe damage on enemy units, especially effective on cavalry units

  2. Shields Up: Uses shields to absorb major damage. When shields are up, it reduces ranged damage as well


Brunhild is a Valkyrie who once served by Odin’s side and was turned into a mortal. With her incredible powers, she aims to prove her worthiness on the battlefield.


  1. Spear Hurl: Her attacks increases damage when attacking cavalry and has a chance to dismount the enemy.

  2. Call of Valhalla: Summons 2 Valhallan Warriors every 12 seconds

Whirling Blades: Creates a strong gust of wind forward, hurling back units in her way.


A legendary hero, Rustam, alongside his faithful steed, Rakhsh, wreaks havoc on the battlefield.


  1. Faithful Steed: Rustam jumps off Rakhsh when arriving at the deployed area, dealing heavy blow to nearby enemies and buildings. He also becomes enraged when Raksh retreats

  2. Cavalry Charge: Charges to the deployed area with increased speed and deals damage to enemy units in the way

  3. Earth Bash: Stomps and lifts up the ground to pull and topple nearby enemies


The legendary warrior Sigurd arrives into the battlefield on a dragon. Anyone who wishes to stand against Sigurd must bear the dragon’s flame.


  1. Inferno: At deployment, inflicts damage on all units in a line

  2. Breath of Fire: Sigurd’s dragon belches out incredibly hot fire and deals heavy damage over ten times to all units including ally units in a line

  3. Burn: Deals minor burning damage every second