Rise of the Scorpion Launching This July

Rise of the Scorpion Launching This July

Rise of the Scorpion will be a unique introduction to the upcoming racing game JDM: Japanese Drift Master. Discover the origin story of the titular ‘Scorpion’ through exhilarating races and cutscenes in the form of hand-drawn manga panels. Compete, drift, and race on miles of diverse roads and winding mountain tracks.

Let the story begin
JDM: Rise of the Scorpion expands the racing world of JDM with a narrative element. Players will discover the story of Hatori ‘Scorpion’ Hasashi, an exemplary student and a son of a traditional Japanese family. He brings his pride and arrogance to the racetrack, where various rivals await.

Storytelling and characters
In the upcoming prologue, players won’t see cutscenes in a typical form. We took a different route to present the narrative of the game. Hand-drawn manga pages will bring the protagonists to life.

But this is still a racing game with drift and grip events which will push the story of the heroes forward. Besides Hatori, players will meet an ensemble of side characters who will become an important part of the rising of the Scorpion.

  • Aoi Ishida is a girl from a traditional family who has known Hatori since they were children. When they start dating, she supports him in every way she can, especially on the track.

  • Ayumi Kurama is a rich girl raised by a single father who fulfills her every financial whim. She is successful in everything she does, and that includes drift. Her friendship with Hatori may be at risk if victory is at stake.

  • Satoru Hayashi very quickly becomes Scorpion’s main rival. He is cheerful and reckless, but his family is poor, so he does not feel like a part of his school. Satoru’s car belonged to his uncle, a famous drifter. 

  • Kaori Kato is Aoi’s best friend. This artistic girl works at a nearby paint shop. Independent and progressive, she always supports Aoi, even if she believes Hatori isn't a good boyfriend.

Uncover new locations

The open world map of the upcoming prologue will be enhanced by previously unseen interesting areas and challenging roads.

  • Drive back to the winding mountain roads around Haikama Lake known from the JDM: Japanese Drift Master demo version. See how the area feels in this extraordinary racing experience.

  • Take the route through Tengai Forest. It provides an ideal environment to practice and refine your driving skills. Take challenging turns and corners and learn how testing drift can be.

Every new location is a source of adventures and challenges. Races and events will be a fresh experience thanks to the dynamic weather system. Feel the car grip change in a downpour and during the monsoon. Master the controls with impaired visibility in the fog.  Atmospheric conditions switch smoothly so that players can immerse in a realistic environment.

Thanks to the day and night cycle, even the open-world free rides can feel like a new experience. Drive under the cover of darkness, in the glare of local shop lights, or at sunrise, and see how the world around you changes.

DM saga continues
The free prologue JDM: Rise of the Scorpion is only an introduction to the story that will continue in the full version of the game. Characters portrayed in this unique introduction will return in JDM: Japanese Drift Master. 

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