Reclaim the Sea New Demo Available on Steam

Reclaim the Sea New Demo Available on Steam

The adventure and rogue-like strategy game Reclaim the Sea, developed by 1 Last Game Studio, is welcoming players to embark on a new adventure in the first ever demo available on Steam today! The full game will be available on PC in 2024.

Developed by the all-French team 1 Last Game Studio, Reclaim the Sea is an adventure and strategy rogue-like game that takes place in a pirate universe. The end goal for players is to guide and lead their crews through the dangerous seas whilst keeping their boat afloat to save the world. 

The demo for Reclaim the Sea allows players to discover and enjoy the first few levels of the game with a detailed look at the different mechanics offered like the battle system, the ships, and the procedurally generated maps.

Reclaim the Sea encourages players to manage their resources tightly while trading with the game’s merchants using their gold in order to improve their own boats and crews, ensuring that they are prepared for any and all future encounters ahead. Speaking of encounters, players will meet many different factions and make important decisions that will have an impact on every part of their adventure.

Will they be good pirates or claim their treasure to become greedy buccaneers? Will they defend a civilian ship attacked by bandits? Or will they take advantage of their unfortunate situation?

Each game is unique thanks to the procedurally generated ships and maps, owing to the rogue-like genre of the game. What makes each encounter unique is what you do with it, such as eliminating an entire crew of enemies, burning or destroying their ships, keeping your distance to play more defensive, or battling them up close. Players can befriend factions, and of course, there are countless trading opportunities.