PowerWash Simulator Achieves 12 Million Player Milestone

PowerWash Simulator Achieves 12 Million Player Milestone

FuturLab’s award-winning hit, PowerWash Simulator has splashed its way to 12 million players, thanks to its exciting DLC expansions, including recent Special Packs for SpongeBob SquarePants, Back to the Future and Warhammer 40,000, as well as the release of the game on Meta Quest.

First washing away players’ worries when it was released in Early Access in May 2021, the game has continued to go from strength to strength, enchanting players as they’ve scrubbed down the town of Muckingham, banished Bikini Bottom’s grime and annihilated filth in the 41st Millennium. Fans can expect much more content on the horizon, with a roadmap of both free and paid DLC coming this year.

This announcement comes at the same time as another exciting development from the studio, as they unveil a new website that solidifies their commitment to games that soothe.

Kirsty Rigden, FuturLab’s CEO, said:

“We are continuously in awe of the impact our game has made on people. Now with a staggering 12 million players, it’s clear that there’s a desire for games like PowerWash Simulator that provide a soothing sense of satisfaction – and we intend to make them! To mark this new direction for the studio, we’re excited to reveal our new website.”

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