PokerBaazi Reveals Poker Trends in 2023

PokerBaazi Reveals Poker Trends in 2023

2023 marked a historic year for the Poker community in India. Multiple landmark studies from prestigious Indian institutes to the masses finally identifying Poker as a mind sport, contributing to the shift and growing acceptance being witnessed across cities. This increasing change in perception is also reflected in the way users have interacted on Online Poker platforms. 

Aimed at capturing the different nuances of how players played on the platform while offering insights into the unique experiences and brag worthy achievements, PokerBaazi, India's biggest poker platform, recently unveiled the second edition of its annual wrap, PokerBaazi Shuffled 2.0.

PokerBaazi is the only Poker platform in the country to release these gripping player centric insights that captures both, the players performance and insights garnered on the platform in the last one year. Sharing some key trends witnessed on the platform: 

  1. Emojis speak louder than words: It was noticed that players often interacted and expressed their emotions through the use of emojis and throwables. Shuffled 2.0 revealed that 77% of players used the 'Banana' emoji, which became the most popular emoji across the platform, whereas 51% of players used the 'Winning happy' emoji, which subsequently became the second most used emoji.

  2. Poker Hubs of India: When dissecting the geographical performance for the year, West Bengal followed by Delhi and Maharashtra emerged as top gaming hotspots recording the maximum number of tournaments played by a user. West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi also saw the most number of winnings cashed.

  3. The biggest baazigar: Arun Vijay Mutgi from Karnataka won one of PokerBaazi’s biggest tournaments, Great of All Tournaments and took home a cash prize of Rs. 1.5 Crore 

  4. The platform also witnessed 7.63K sightings of the rare Royal Flush 

PokerBaazi Shuffled is a reflection of players’ experience at the table and a celebration of their various accomplishments over the year. Every user can view the snapshot of their yearly progress through the app. To further the glory element, the top 20% percentile in each category will receive a special honour in the form of a note-worthy badge that can be proudly displayed across their social media platforms.