Plus Ultra: Legado to Launch in 2025

Plus Ultra: Legado to Launch in 2025

The upcoming Metroidvania title, Plus Ultra: Legado, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and will see a release in 2025 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. With the campaign still ongoing till June 15th, the game’s developer, Póntica, hopes to reach their stretch goals that will enable resources for additional localizations and 4K Ultra HD.

Plus Ultra: Legado has successfully funded its Kickstarter campaign after ten days. Sixteen days remain for prospective backers to buy an early stake in the development cycle and show support for the ambitious title. Kickstarter rewards include digital offerings like the OST and a key to the game, while exclusive physical rewards include a Plus Ultra: Legado comic book, collectors editions, figurines, and recreations of Don Juan’s halberd, shield, and helmet as seen in the game. 

Step Into History
Witness the events that led to Mexico’s inception in the 16th century through the eyes of Don Juan, a Spanish Explorer on the Narvárez expedition set to apprehend the traitor Hernán Cortés. Meet a lush cast of historical figures both friend and foe, and traverse real-world historical sites as players experience the diverse cultural legacies of Mesoamerica and unravel the implications of war, conquest, and rebellion. Experience the first Comicvania
In the form of a comic book using a vivid ligne claire style, players can traverse from panel to panel in the expansive labyrinthine maps of Plus Ultra: Legado. Engage directly with open storytelling by interacting with speech bubbles to progress conversations and smash through onomatopoeia text. Expressive platforming movement, engaging boss battles, and intricate settings with plenty of secrets to explore are also a must in this “comicvania” title. Key Features:

  • Step into the pages of this comicvania, bringing comic books to life with interactive mechanics that will feel familiar to Metroidvania fans.

  • Experience a piece of Mesoamerican history, in this recounting of key historical events and their effects, told through gameplay.

  • Encounter a historical cast of real-life figures from the very events that led to the birth of Mexico.

  • Discover many key areas, each with their own captivating characteristics and distinctive design, several of which are based on real historical locations.

  • Take in vibrant sceneries in the ligne claire style, contrasting the usual dark and moody look for many games in this genre.

  • Listen to beautiful original compositions blending Spanish Baroque melodies, and indigenous language and sounds carefully created for each area of this action-exploration title.

  • A planned localization into Nahuatl, one of the many native languages of Mexico, along with Spanish, English, and French localizations at launch.

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