Playtonic Friends Reveals New Character Actors for Elsie

Playtonic Friends Reveals New Character Actors for Elsie

Following the recently announced voice actors for The Guardians, publisher Playtonic Friends and developer Knight Shift Games are thrilled to reveal the talent behind the voices of Elsie, Andru and Dr Grey, the heroes from the upcoming rogue-like action platformer Elsie

Releasing for PC and consoles in summer 2024, Elsie will immerse you in a world filled with procedurally generated levels, an army of robots to blast through, and a wide range of items and weaponry to make each playthrough as unique and fun as possible.

Fans need wait no longer to experience the intense gameplay served up in Elsie as a playable PC demo can now be downloaded from Steam as part of the Endless Replayability Fest running from May 13 - 20. Download this awesome action-packed demo from Steam now. 

Meet the heroes! 

Elsie Lovelock - Elsie

Meet Elsie, Dr Grey's most recent Android creation. Designed to be a new model of Guardian with technology perfected from her arclight core research. Armed and ready to save the world, Elsie is here to chew gum and kick butt!

Alex Octopimp Gross - Andru

Andru is the Proto Guardian, created after the attack on Neotono, by Dr. Grey. Andru is also a melee character with a bespoke suite of bladed weapons and power augments, ready to get up and close and personal with bots!

Terry Farrell - Dr Grey

Welcoming the incomparable Dr Grey, Director of the Wharf, creator of the Arclight Core, The Android Guardians as well as Andru and Elsie. She was pretty banged up in the initial attack on the city, but is determined to help save the day!

About Elsie

Elsie is a neo-retro, hyperkinetic, rogue-like action-platformer filled with procedurally generated levels, an army of robots to blast through.

After an attack on the City of NeotoΓ±o, Dr. Grey takes refuge in a beachside bastion known as the Sapir Wharf.

Here she creates Elsie: an android given a mission to uncover the mystery behind the attack and save planet Ekis for the disasters that have plagued it.

Players must dash, dive, and shoot their way through stages filled with dynamic enemies and intense boss fights, all while performing perfectly timed precision parrying. In this roguelike rollercoaster players will die and die and die again – but you’ll always get back on their feet to embrace the chaos.


  • Adrenaline pumping platforming with unique parry system

  • Procedurally generated runs through neon-drenched pixel stages

  • Endless synergies with dozens of weapons, skills and augments

  • Tons of replayability with hours of content and daily challenges

Elsie will be launching for PC and consoles in summer 2024. Download the demo and Wishlist the game on Steam now. 

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