Plateup! Now Available On Console

Plateup! Now Available On Console

Yogscast Games and It’s happening are delighted to announce that PlateUp!’s console edition is now available to play, bringing chaotic, co-op cooking action so delicious players will be going back for seconds.

Check out the all-new launch trailer here:

PlateUp! is the perfect blend of classic co-op cooking and permanent roguelite progression, where players must equip their trusty chef’s hat and take charge of a restaurant of their own creation. With a banquet of cuisine, equipment and layout options, players can masterfully craft their perfect restaurant to either steer to success, or watch burn to the ground. 

Supporting 4 players co-op, both online and locally, players can hire their friends and family as allies in their culinary crusade. What’s more, PlateUp! is carefully curated to be newcomer friendly so anyone can pick up and play if there's a desperate need for a spare pair of hands. Get ready to bark orders and hear players yell “yes, chef!” as they live their sous chef dreams.

Following its success on Steam — having recently achieved over 1.5 million steam copies sold — console players will finally get to taste test this delectable dish of a game. Pick up PlateUp! today on Nintendo Switch (£13.40 / $19.99), PlayStation 4/5 (£15.99 / $19.99) and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One (£13.39 / $15.99) and with Xbox and PC Game Pass.  

Players can also bag the physical editions of the game, priced at £49.99 / €59.99 / $59.95 SRP (Collector’s Edition) and £34.99 / €39.99 / $39.95 SRP (Standard Edition), PlateUp! is available to purchase now from a number of retailers worldwide. For more information on purchases in Europe please visit the Numskull Games homepage, and in North America the game can be bought from Amazon US, Best Buy, Gamestop and other popular retailers.