Ninja Kidz: Time Masters Out Now for Xbox

Ninja Kidz: Time Masters Out Now for Xbox

Publisher SelectaPlay is excited to announce that the global digital release of Ninja Kidz:Time Masters, the official action-adventure game created by YouTube stars Ninja Kidz TV, is out now for Xbox consoles.  

With over 20 million subscribers on YouTube, Ninja Kidz TV is one of the biggest entertainment channels in the world. Ninja Kidz: Time Masters is an action-adventure video game inspired by classic beat 'em-ups. Players will travel through time to defeat Dr Disaster and his armies in a colourful adventure full of action and challenges to rescue the three greatest martial arts masters. 

Play as one of the four Ninja Kidz solo or with three friends in local co-op mode to defeat enemies while travelling through time. Choose your own fight style, with special moves and ninja techniques, and defeat powerful bosses while exploring cartoon-style levels.

About Ninja Kidz: Time Masters

The three greatest martial arts masters have been kidnapped and Dr Disaster and his henchmen have trapped them in different historical eras.The Ninja Kidz are the only ones able to cross the time vortex and use their abilities to rescue them and preserve the path of the ninja.

Join the Ninja Kidz in their adventure to defeat Dr. Disaster, and bring back peace to the world. Travel through time and explore different eras by completing fun and challenging 16 levels and watch the story unfold by watching cartoon style cutscenes. Explore all the levels to get extra lives by finding Ninja coins, becoming the ultimate Ninja Kidz, and rescuing all the martial arts masters by defeating the final bosses.


  • Choose from 4 playable characters. Each Ninja Kidz has its own special moves and techniques.

  • Play solo or with friends in local co-op with up to 4 players.

  • Enjoy the colourful cartoon-style art design inspired by the Ninja Kidz.

  • Fight multiple enemies and defeat 4 bosses in fun epic battles.

  • Enjoy 3 game modes and challenge yourself to unlock bonus levels.