Nekki Unveils Heart-Pounding Gameplay for SPINE

Nekki Unveils Heart-Pounding Gameplay for SPINE

Developer Nekki released the first gameplay of its upcoming gun fu action game SPINE. Revealed at the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted, the trailer showcases SPINE’s futuristic cyberpunk world, close-quarter gunfights, spectacular combat system, movie-like action experience, and vibrant graffiti aesthetic. SPINE will be published for PC and consoles. 

SPINE is a single-player, story-rich action game where the player takes on the role of rebellious street artist Redline, accompanied by her sentient combat implant, Spine. Join them as they challenge the autocratic AI regime of Tensor Corporation while learning to trust each other. As players advance and improve their rapport with Spine, they will boost Redline's reflexes and acquire stunning combos, with unique camerawork and combat choreography designed by action movie specialists, enabling them to embody the protagonist of their own action movie.  

"We are thrilled to unveil SPINE and invite players to experience what we hope would be a new level in cinematic action gaming," says Dmitry Pimenov, producer of SPINE. "From John Wick to District 13, we adore those films so much, and want to make this game an ode to our favorite movie genres."  

SPINE features: 

  • Close-quarter Gun Combat: SPINE introduces a unique fusion of cinematic gunplay and close-combat beat 'em up, emphasized by elaborate camerawork and providing players with dynamic and immersive gun fu gameplay. 

  • Cinematic Action: Collaborating with action movie specialists and paying homage to iconic action movies, Nekki promises a truly cinematic adventure where every moment feels like a scene from an epic blockbuster. 

  • Gripping Narrative: Explore an immersive cyberpunk world as Redline and Spine challenge Tensor’s autocratic regime. Discover a story of rebellion, trust, and survival, while exploring the risks and benefits of AI.  

  • Cutting-Edge Tech and Graphics: Powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Nekki's proprietary animation engine, Cascadeur, SPINE boasts fluid, lifelike combat animations within a detailed cyberpunk environment, pushing the boundaries of gaming graphics.