Multiplayer Prologue Champion Shift Coming to Steam Soon

Multiplayer Prologue Champion Shift Coming to Steam Soon

release of their multiplayer prologue coming to Steam on Tuesday, November 7th. The prologue will feature three playable characters, an original soundtrack, and co-op compatibility for up to 4 players. 

Champion Shift introduces mythological warriors into the roguelike genre, combining legend and lore with fast-paced gameplay and challenging combat. Step into your role as champion to face off against the Dominion, a shadow corporation bent on world domination. Your quest begins as you face off against enemy forces, unleashing an arsenal of abilities at your disposal, including character-specific boons and effective multiplayer strategy. Ready for what’s next? Explore the prologue's three maps–complete with day and night stages–as you battle your way through the Dominion’s lab in search of your champions. 

Begin your journey as Sun Wukong in Champion Shift’s story mode, or ally with your friends in the prologue’s multiplayer mode. Play as the supernatural Sun Wukong, the fabled Athena, or the devoted Gilgamesh, and combat the Dominion with your combined power. Take advantage of your champion’s unique gameplay mechanics, including their shifting ability, allowing them to switch between character and car with the press of a button. Looking for a quick getaway? Gearing up to race your friends? Champion Shift’s car mechanics will be ready in a pinch. As you play, unlock and upgrade new boons and skills to maximize your power potential. 


  • Unlock globally iconic champions, including Sun Wukong, Athena, and Gilgamesh!

  • Default auto attacks or optional manual aim for a customizable gameplay experience. 

  • Challenging enemy encounters to test your playstyle and strategy, including boss battles.

  • Shift between vehicle and champion, each with their own strengths and additional skills.

  • Explore hundreds of celestial ability combinations to customize your perfect run.

  • Play solo or co-op with up to 4 players.

  • Original scores designed for each stage, including day and night variations.

Champion Shift is now available to wishlist on Steam, and the prologue will be released on Tuesday, November 7th, for single and co-op playability.