Meridiem Games Unveils The Pixel Pulps Collection

Meridiem Games Unveils The Pixel Pulps Collection

The Pixel Pulps Collection is a series of works that blends the visual style of retro video games with the classic narrative of pulp literature. This unique collection transports players to a world full of nostalgia and adventure, where pixelated graphics combine with exciting plots and unforgettable characters.

The game is developed by LCB Game Studio and digitally published by Chorus Worldwide Games. The Pixel Pups Collection will hit European stores during the summer of 2024 as a special boxed edition created by Meridiem Games for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. 

The Pixel Pulps Collection - Special Edition, designed and distributed by Meridiem Games, will include a special sleeve, a different holographic card for each platform, and exclusive access to download alternate covers. 

Each work within The Pixel Pulps Collection offers an immersive experience that evokes the feeling of playing vintage video games while delving into exciting stories. Players will find themselves immersed in vibrant worlds where heroes battle evil villains, solve intricate mysteries, and explore exotic landscapes. 

With a unique visual style that pays homage to classics of the past, The Pixel Pulps Collection appeals to both retro gaming enthusiasts and fans of pulp literature. Each title in the collection is a work of art in itself, with detailed illustrations that capture the essence of the 8 and 16-bit eras. 

From thrilling science fiction adventures to intricate mystery and suspense plots, The Pixel Pulps Collection has something for everyone. Whether you're seeking a dose of nostalgia or simply want to immerse yourself in a good story, this collection will take you on an unforgettable journey through the realms of imagination.

Mothmen 1966 

A pair of young lovers, a gas station owner and a paranormal investigator, find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy taking place on the fringes of reality, where nightmare creatures roam and mysterious men dressed in black lurk... 

Varney Lake 

Summer of 1954. Three friends and a perfect vacation. Games, crazy plans, bullies to avoid... Until they encounter the vampire! What really happened at Varney Lake? 

Bahnsen Knights 

Tornado Alley, USA, 1986. Step into the shoes of Boulder, an undercover agent in the infamous religious sect of the Bahnsen Knights. Confront occultists, biblical storms, and an enigmatic car salesman turned preacher as you investigate your friend's disappearance.

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