Melvor Idle’s Second Expansion ‘Atlas of Discovery’ Launched

Melvor Idle’s Second Expansion ‘Atlas of Discovery’ Launched

Jagex and Games by Malcs have launched Atlas of Discovery, a new expansion for Melvor Idle. This latest DLC adds two new skills, a brand-new game mode: Ancient Relics, and dozens of new additions that bring even more depth to the idle RPG.

Atlas of Discovery allows players to explore the enormous world of Melvor and unveil new areas of the World Map for the first time with the brand-new Cartography skill. And for those who want to dig deeper into the world’s murky past, the new Archaeology skill allows players to discover powerful new Artefacts lurking just below the surface.

Players can also hone their combat skills in new Combat Areas, Slayer Areas and Dungeons, with over 45 dangerous new monsters to fight and hundreds of new items to discover. Players will master new combat techniques, such as Unholy Prayers and the powerful Barrier mechanic, and take advantage of new equipment slots and gear tiers. There are even adorable new pets to bring along on your idle adventure.

Atlas of Discovery Features:

  • 2 New Skills: Cartography and Archaeology

  • New Game mode: Ancient Relics Mode

  • 600+ new Items

  • 46 new Monsters

  • 8 new Combat Areas

  • 3 new Slayer Areas

  • 5 new Dungeons

  • 10+ new Pets

  • New Unholy Prayer Book with 17 new Unholy Prayers

  • New Combat Mechanic: Barrier

  • New Equipment Slot: Gem Slot

  • New Tier of upgraded Combat gear

  • 2 new Trees in Woodcutting

  • 2 new Ore nodes in Mining

  • 2 new Potions in Herblore

  • 1 new Summoning Familiar for Barrier which synergises with many existing Familiars. 

  • Brand new items to create in Smithing, Fletching, Crafting and Runecrafting.

  • New Astrology Constellation

  • 2 new Ancient Magicks Spells

  • 2 new Alt Magic Spells

  • 2 new Magic Auroras

  • 2 new Magic Curses

  • 3 new Agility Obstacles

  • New Skill Upgrades in the Shop

  • 20 new Township Tasks

Melvor Idle is a RuneScape-inspired idle experience that takes the core of what makes the long-running MMO so appealing, and strips it down to its purest form, offering something for both veterans and newcomers alike. The game features over 20 skills to level up, in-depth combat, deep but accessible systems, and plenty of dungeons and bosses to overcome.

Melvor Idle: Atlas of Discovery is out today for Steam, Android and iOS priced at $4.99 / £4.20 / €4.29.