Little Nook Launches 'Pine Heart,' a Cozy Adventure Puzzler

Little Nook Launches 'Pine Heart,' a Cozy Adventure Puzzler

Publishing label Little Nook, part of Hyper Luminal Games, has revealed the launch of cosy adventure puzzler Pine Heart. This game is a love letter to those who have experienced loss and want to find a joyous refuge to unwind and remember fond memories. All are welcome to explore Caravan Park in Q1 of 2024.  

The picturesque Caravan Park awaits as you take on the role of Tyke, hopping into your wee hiking boots and beginning an adventure to unravel a whimsical tale while discovering secrets and unlocking new paths. Create a lovely refuge for yourself and your friends in this wholesome land of puzzles and wild ‘n’ warming aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Make new friends with other adventurers around Caravan Park

  • Explore a thoughtful story about love, life, memories, and family

  • Unlock cool tools and abilities that help unearth the mysteries of Caravan Park

  • Puzzles to be pondered and solved

  • Build sandcastles!

  • Pet so many cute animals!

Hyper Luminal Games have been working on making Pine Hearts as accessible as possible. “We are extremely proud of the work that has gone into Pine Hearts accessibility options,” said Searra Leishman, UX/UI Designer and Accessibility Lead.

“The game will be launching with more than ten different accessibility settings. The playable demo for Wholesome Snack currently features the first 3 of these: Simplified Controls, Colour Blocking Mode, and Control Rebinding. There is also an accessibility onboarding flow in the demo, which allows users to make some quick choices about their options before they jump into gameplay. Beyond this, we have a further 7 options implemented that will be available with the full release.”

Wishlist Pine Hearts on Steam and check out the demo, which is live for a week as part of Wholesome: Snack Edition.