Jagex Enhances RuneScape Combat with Major Update

Jagex Enhances RuneScape Combat with Major Update

Jagex is thrilled to announce the launch of a new update to the popular fantasy MMO RuneScape today that refines and enhances the game's core combat systems, and delivers an improved combat experience for all RuneScape players.

Following a beta period, this update was created in collaboration with the RuneScape community and kickstarts a community-focused and more accessible chapter of the fantasy MMO, providing a strengthened combat system for players to take up arms. 

Find out more about today’s update in the newest Dev Diary: Combat Updates which outlines what players can expect from the revitalised combat system, as well as a host of other great new improvements to enhance the overall RuneScape experience, with the players deeply at the heart of the game.

Combat Updates (March) Includes:

  • An enhanced combat system with major improvements to core game mechanics, including Hit Chance, Damage Potential, Crit Strikes and Damage Caps.

  • A revamped melee system, providing more accessible combat styles to players while still maintaining the heat of the action.

  • Additional miscellaneous improvements including a new channel bar and tooltip updates.

  • Continuation of the combat improvements made to the game, strengthening the strong relationship between RuneScape and the community, opening up further player-driven changes and improvements. 

For players old and new, Combat Updates promises to deliver a sharper, more enjoyable gameplay experience alongside additional quality of life improvements that improve the quality of RuneScape’s combat for everyone.