Hexguardian Arriving on PC on May 2

Hexguardian Arriving on PC on May 2

Some days mean more, some days are remembered in history. The First Transatlantic Flight (June 15, 1919), the first telephone call (March 7, 1876), the Yogscast’s First Video (July 25, 2008), and now a new day is on the horizon, one that will live with players forever. That’s right, Hexguardian is coming, and it’s sooner than you think! 

Yogscast Games and Split Second Games are delighted to reveal that their highly anticipated hex-based city-building, tower-defence, roguelike extravaganza will be arriving on PC on May 2. 

Perfectly combining these previously never-before-wed genres, Hexguardian is a truly stand-out experience in a world where uniqueness can often be hard to come by. This perfect combination of city building and tower defence sees players literally building the place they’re then on a mission to protect, giving this title a level of consequence previously unattainable to the genre.

Shaping terrain, terraforming the world and creating towers of destruction that can repel forces beyond players’ wildest fears, Hexguardian gives players spells and fearsome units to take on their enemies.