Flash Party Season-9 to Launch on March 29

Flash Party Season-9 to Launch on March 29

XD Games are excited to announce that Flash Party Season 9 will officially launch on March 29 for both PC and mobile. Fighting fans can expect new content and features, including the Dojo, as Flash Party prepares for its grand EVO debut.

Destined For Glory

Unlock legendary new looks for your favourite fighters with the Wheel of Destiny Skin Set. Inspired by a mystical tarot deck, these include the “Strength” Skin for Tina, the “Justice” Skin for Sophia, and “The Hermit” Skin for Mr. 5. 

This new update also introduces the highly-anticipated Dojo system. You can now assemble a Dojo that belongs to you and your friends, with exclusive chat channels and the ability to show it off on the Leaderboard. Don't forget to complete the Dojo Mission "Rise of Rookies" together to claim special rewards. More information about Dojo is coming soon! 

Season 9 will debut with a brand-new Party Passoaded with in-game items including Alice’s Recolour Skin, “Andromeda”, and Sivi’s Alter Verse Skin “Vibrant Red”, which unlocks when you hit level 30. There will be other opportunities to earn rare cosmetics, too - for example, reaching level 20 Intensity in the Arena will unlock an exclusive “Angel of Love” Skin for Cupid.

Big in Japan

Flash Party will soon take its place among fighting game royalty as it joins the lineup for EVO Japan 2023 from March 31 to April 2. Not only will it be used as a competition title with its very own o-site championship, Flash Party is also proud to announce that they will be an official event sponsor.To celebrate, Flash Party is offering an EVO reward redemption code - redeem the code “FPEVOSPONSOR” in-game before April 14 to get 120 Lucky Coins.

EVO is an epicentre for fighting game fans to gather every year. From March 31 to April 2, EVO Japan will hold a three-day fighting event at Tokyo Big Sight. The EVO (Evolution Championship Series) has a rich history of attracting the very best players from all over the world to Las Vegas, USA every year, and EVO Japan is an important stop along the way.