Eyes of War Receives Early Access Update

Eyes of War Receives Early Access Update

Indie developer Good Mood Games is proud to announce the release of a huge content update for its deep real-time strategy title Eyes of War. Currently available in Steam Early Access, Eyes of War blends real-time strategy and a third-person perspective set in the brutal medieval era. Offering both single and multiplayer gameplay experiences, players can build their castles, fortify their defences, and when the action starts, control every individual unit in character mode, offering unparalleled strategic advantages during epic battles.  

Good Mood Games has been working closely with the community during the first stages of the Steam Early Access launch to gather feedback and suggestions on the next steps in Eyes of War’s development journey. Along with numerous gameplay content additions, including new construction and character animations, ground textures, and new buildings and castles, one of the biggest updates to be implemented is a complete HDRP overhaul of the game engine and UI. With today’s feature-packed update, fans can experience Eyes of War in stunning high definition and clarity showcasing the evolution of Nyseroth. Good Mood Games will continually add new content, fixes, and quality-of-life updates through the Early Access phase leading up to the full V1.0 launch. The full list of updates is in the patch notes here. 

To celebrate the launch of the Eyes of War content update, Good Mood Games has released a new trailer showcasing some of the new gameplay mechanics and content additions fans can expect in the Early Access version. The team is also excited to share the brand new cinematic trailer with fans today! This trailer has been created to introduce the players to the world of Eyes of War and set the tone for the brutal gameplay experience that awaits. 

About Eyes of War

Eyes of War, blends real-time strategy and third-person perspective, creating a medieval warfare game where you can switch between these two different modes. In strategy mode, build and develop your castle, and create your army, while in character mode you can personally control each unit in your army from a third-person perspective, smoothly transitioning between units to feel the battle up close. Compete with friends or AI in supported maps for up to 4 players, striving to become the ruler of the map. Continue your battles not only with the Strategy Game Mode but also with different game modes like the Arena Game Mode.

Build your castle, develop your city, create your army, and defeat your rivals!

Be Part of the Army!

In strategy mode, wage war with other players by developing your castle and army. Take control of any unit at any moment in the game, manage and experience the war atmosphere in character mode. Be not only a leader but a hero with every decision you make. 


  • Feel Your City and Environment Up Close! - See the details of every corner of the maps up close in character mode. Roam within the city you built with great dedication in character mode. Become one of the heroes defending your city against rivals!

  • Utilize Amazing Strategies Against Real Players - Join online battles on maps supporting up to 4 players. Battle against opponents for resources. Use your strategies against real players and be ready for surprising strategies from your opponents.

  • Measure Swords in the Arena - Take your battles beyond the strategy mode. Compete in the arena with the units you choose against AI or real players and become the champion of the arena.

  • Struggle of Four Nations - Engage in the struggle among four nations, each with its own unique culture. Diversify your strategy by using units with different advantages from each nation.

Eyes of War is now available via Steam Early Access and features the content-packed update. Fans can add the game to their Wishlist now and download the free playable demo. 

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