Earl vs. the Mutants Up for Steam Next Fest

Earl vs. the Mutants Up for Steam Next Fest

Developer Falling State Inc. is excited to debut their first game, Earl vs. the Mutants, at Steam Next Fest with a playable demo available now!

Buckle up and brace yourself for a wild ride across sprawling biomes plagued by legions of the infected and menacing mutant bosses. Forget sword-swinging and spell-slinging: in Earl vs. the Mutants, players will get behind the wheel of their very own death machine, mowing down countless enemies to unlock powerful upgrades and unleash total mayhem.

The team is excited about the next update which includes new miniboss mutants, improved controls on handheld devices like the Steam Deck, an improved onboarding experience for first-time players, and a toggleable auto-aim and auto-shoot system.

“Being featured in Steam Next Fest is a dream come true!” said Dave Guerts, CTO and co-founder of Falling State Inc. “This is our first title as a new indie studio: we have poured our hearts, blood, sweat and tears into this game and we are excited to share it with the world.”