Dominate the Arena with This Ultimate Defense Derby Guide

Dominate the Arena with This Ultimate Defense Derby Guide

Defense Derby is a thrilling tower defense game by KRAFTON and RisingWings, where you can compete in real-time PvP battles. To win, you need to recruit the best units, deploy them strategically, and defend your castle from enemy attacks.

Here are three expert tips to help you dominate the game:

Master the different game modes - Defense Derby offers a variety of intensive game modes that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The PvP mode - Derby pits four players against one another for a thrilling showdown. PvE mode such as Blitz help you understand the best of deployment strategies and offer a refreshing change from classic tower-defense games. Exploring new game modes also comes with rewards that help you master the game. 

Build the ultimate deck - In order to prevent the Castle from being breached by deadly monsters, players need to assemble a strong deck comprising the finest Hero and Units. On a 3×3 grid, players have the flexibility to position one Hero and a maximum of 8 Units. The Hero takes a central role, with the Units forming a protective barrier around the Hero and the Castle. During battles, players have the option to reposition Units strategically to fine-tune their deck and bolster its overall strength. 

Tap into the scouting stage - Scouting is a unique feature that lets you utilize the in-game currency, Derby Chips to improve your chances of winning the game. You can also use them to draw cards that are shared by all players. The more you engage, the more likely you are to get the card you want. Scouting adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to Defense Derby. It is important to learn to build a balanced team while not overspending 

Keep upgrading your cards - Players can upgrade their cards in multiple ways, such as the Auxiliary systems, Card growth, Talent system, Artifact system, Army system, and many more. Out of these modes, the Card Growth system directly enhances the value of your cards that you deploy on the battlefield, making them a bigger threat to deal with.