Delta Force: Hawk Ops Trailer Unveiled at Summer Game Fest

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Trailer Unveiled at Summer Game Fest

The action-packed trailer transports viewers into a typical Delta Force operation, where the squad planned and executed a high-stake extraction by outsmarting their opponents, synergistically combining each member's unique strengths, and ultimately prevailing as a tightly-knit team. 

Players eager to experience the adrenaline-pumping action for themselves can now sign up for the Global PC Alpha Test by visiting the game's Steam Store page and adding it to their wishlist.

The Global PC Alpha Test will be available exclusively on Steam, while subsequent playtests will encompass a wider range of platforms and systems.

Wishlist Delta Force: Hawk Ops on Steam Store

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is the latest installment in the classic shooter franchise, Delta Force. The game will be available free-to-play on PC, consoles and mobile, and will feature three exciting, distinct game modes with cross-play support also planned:

Large-Scale PvP Mode - Havoc Warfare: Compete as part of a large team and take the fight to the enemy as you battle across massive maps featuring authentic terrain and including a range of military vehicles, tanks and aircraft.  

Extraction Mode - Hazard Operations: Squad up and take on rival teams and marauding AI-controlled mercenaries and Royal Guards in Hazard Operations, the most tactical take on the popular extraction genre to date. Random events across huge maps will keep players on their toes, while challenging PvE-focused missions can be completed for valuable loot.   

Campaign Mode - Black Hawk Down: An exciting recreation of the classic Delta Force campaign mode sees a return to Mogadishu to participate in the events of the 2001 Black Hawk DownTM movie. Featuring both characters and likenesses from the film, while also serving as an officially licensed remaster of the original Delta Force: Black Hawk Down video game. 

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