Clothing Store Simulator Launching on June 17th

Clothing Store Simulator Launching on June 17th

Indie developer Kiki Games is excited to announce that June 17th will be the grand opening of Clothing Store Simulator on PC via Steam Early Access. To ensure you have all your shelves filled, your stock ordered, and your store layout on point, Kiki Games is offering budding fashionistas the chance to hone their skills ahead of the launch with the release of a brand-new playable demo on Steam! 

Get to grips with some of the essential skills you will need to manage your own small clothing store in this new demo. Try your hand at customising the look and layout of your store, search out new fashion brands and sign contracts to bring them to your store. What’s better than selling top-of-the-line fashion pieces? Designing them yourself! The new demo allows you to design and customise your own work and sell the finished article in your store.  Don’t forget to attract new customers and make sure they leave happy. Customer loyalty is key to your success! 

If you need some entrepreneurial pointers, then check out the developer Steam Broadcasts streaming throughout Steam Next Fest! 

The Steam playable demo is available to download now, and fans can also add Clothing Store Simulator to their Wishlist. 

Get ready to build your retail fashion empire in Clothing Store Simulator. Use your in-game computer to manage your inventory, make brand deals, set the selling price of your clothes and order furniture and decorative items to make your store stand out. 

Pick up your orders, arrange them on the shelves, hang them on the rails and dress your mannequins to attract new customers. Drop your excess stock in your warehouse and rotate your inventory to keep your fashion range fresh. Don’t forget to grow your customer base by refreshing your inventory, exceeding in customer service and balancing your pricing to follow the market. Will you stay as a small boutique or build a grand store that sets the fashion trends of the city? The Clothing Store Simulator is the beginning of your retail fashion journey. 


  • Stay connected - Use the in-game computer to adjust pricing, order new stock, sign brand deals, and follow market trends.

  • Customise your store - Rearrange furniture and fixtures, order decorative elements, and expand the shopping zone and the warehouse as your store’s success grows. Move clothing items around and remerchandise stock to the best positions to make the store of your dreams.

  • Secure brand deals - Find and sign new brand deals to expand your store's clothing catalogue to attract new customers and increase cash flow.

  • Follow the trends - Remove out-of-fashion stock from the shop floor and into the warehouse to free up space for new lines. Find and purchase trending new items to attract fashion lovers to your store. 

  • Dress your customers from head to toe - From dresses, shirts, coats, pants and shoes to T-shirts, nightwear, underwear and more, make your store the hottest place for customers to refresh their look. Add more items to your range throughout the game. 

Clothing Store Simulator will be coming to PC via Steam Early Access on June 17th. Fans can Wishlist the game and download the free demo on Steam now. 

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